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When Going Through a Divorce, Take Care of Your Health!

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{2:18 minutes to read} Going through a separation or divorce can be incredibly stressful. People often find that in the coming days and weeks, they have more time on their hands that perhaps they didn’t before. The time that may have been spent with their spouse or children.
When deciding how to fill this time, don’t forget to take care of you. Surround yourself with people who can support you and in whom you (more...)

Ten Financial Essentials You Need Know For Your Divorce

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Whether or not you’re using attorneys, to get started on your divorce, you will have to gather all of your financial information and share it with your spouse (and vice versa).
Many people, inadvertently skip this step and jump straight into discussions about who’s going to keep the house and how other assets should be divided.
That’s not smart and it can lead to deadlocks and breakdowns in the negotiations. You’ll (more...)

Struggling With Divorce Anger? Here’s What To Do

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When you are navigating or recovering from divorce, there is one all-too-common emotion that causes us way more headaches than you need: Anger.
Being ticked off.  The persistent rage that will not leave you but could jeopardize your future relationships.
To start off with, there is something that you must remember.
Anger is a thief. Don’t let it rob you of your chance to move on.
You work hard to maintain the things you love.  (more...)

What You Need To Know About The New Tax Changes And Your Divorce

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Many people struggle with the financial details of their divorce especially if they weren’t the one managing the household finances but the recent tax law changes mean that it’s especially important for you to ask what you need to know about the new tax law changes and your divorce.
If your divorce was already in process last year and negotiations well underway, these changes may mean going back to the negotiation table before (more...)

Beating The Winter Blues While Going Through A Divorce

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Contribution from freelance writer Jackie Edwards
Winter is here, and while most people are trying to stay warm at this time, some individuals who are dealing with a divorce may find that the gloomy weather can have an impact on their mood and well-being. Going through a divorce is tough enough as it can affect your finances, your children, and other relationships. But perhaps the hardest thing about splitting up is coping with the loneliness and (more...)

What Happens To Your Business In Your Divorce?

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If you have your own business and you’re ending your marriage, then you’re going to want to know what happens to your business in divorce.
Probably about half of my clients either have their own business or their spouse is self-employed and there’s a huge variety in what those businesses look like. I’ve seen blogs that are strictly a side-job that probably cost more to run than the revenue they generate, (more...)

The Impact of 2018 Tax Code Changes on Alimony

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From the moment the bill came to public light up until when it was passed into law, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has taken many residents of North Carolina by surprise. This due to the uncertainties and confusions caused by the tax code changes for 2018 and beyond.
The new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was signed into law in December 2017, will greatly affect alimony going forward because the payer will no longer be able (more...)

Finding Hidden Assets During Divorce

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Discovering that your spouse has been hiding assets from you can leave a bad taste in your mouth. It can make you angry, upset, and confused. You’re already going through a divorce, a process that is difficult enough in itself, and now this is one massively rotten cherry on top.
The reality is we live hectic lives. Our days seem to fly by and the world around us moves quickly. Unfortunately for that reason, it is often (more...)

Divorce – How to Avoid Destroying Your Kids!

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17 Jan, 2018

Resolutions, new beginnings, second chances, promises realized…. This is what many think of as the New Year begins.
Yet, January is also the beginning of “Divorce Season,” (which runs through, and peaks, in March) with the number of Google searches for “divorce” the highest in this first month of the year.  So, for some, the New Year will begin with divorce papers, emotional turmoil and unexpected change.
Whitney Houston sang: &(more...)

Teen with Terminal Cancer Marries High School Sweetheart

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Dustin Snyder, a Tampa Bay teenager with terminal cancer, married his high school sweetheart, Sierra Siverio, in a ceremony attended by friends, family, and members of his community who made his wish possible. Snyder said he knew immediately what he wanted to do in the time he has left…Snyder says that the wedding was everything he had dreamed it would be.