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Sexualization of our kids

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What ever happened to “kids will be kids”? Why are we afraid to let our kids play in the street or walk to school? The truth is that our kids have become sexualized at a much earlier age. The tweenagers are now targeted by marketers and being pushed to look older and sexier than their […]

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Back to School: Shared Parenting Plan Challenges

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{3:18 minutes to read} As summer draws to a close, many parents are eager for their children to start school. While the largely unstructured summer schedule may be welcomed at first, it can be challenging […]

Don’t Litigate a Divorce Because Your Spouse Had an Affair!

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{2:54 minutes to read} I often work with couples where one of them has had an affair. When this is the case, it is common for the other spouse to feel hurt and angry. In […]

A Decision Based on Emotions Can Hurt Everyone!

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{2:54 minutes to read} I recently met with a couple who wanted to hear about my divorce mediation services. During the meeting Maria*, the wife, related how she had decided a year earlier that the […]

Divorcing with Children – Make Your Split as Smooth as Possible

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Parents' emotional turmoil during the divorce process often means that custody and visitation are just one more battle to be won or lost, but is this the right perspective?

Relocation Because of Remarriage

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“I’m getting remarried, moving across the country, and I’m taking our child with me.”  What do you do when your ex tells you this?  Where do you even begin?  Maybe you go into panic mode.  Maybe you’re angry.  You think all your son has ever known is North Carolina.  All your family is here.  Your daughter is excelling in school and extra-curricular activities here. &(more...)

How Do I Co-Parent When my Kids Live in Another State?

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Now that you’ve gone through the process of your custody order being modified to accommodate a parent’s relocation, you’re faced with the daunting task of long-distance co-parenting.  It’s hard enough to co-parent when your ex lives down the road or in the next town over.  So how do you co-parent now, when your ex lives hours away or states away from you?
Whether you’re the parent (more...)

Legal Custody. Physical Custody. Joint Custody. Substantial Change in Circumstances. What?

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You hear these terms all the time: legal custody, physical custody, joint custody, substantial change in circumstances.  You know they are terms relating to child custody in North Carolina.  But what do they really mean, and how do they pertain to you and your child custody case?
Child Custody Generally
Take Don and Danielle.  They have been married for nine years and have two children ages seven and four.  Over the past three or four (more...)

Sep 20, Children in the middle

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Separating or divorcing? Children in the middle of it all can suffer.

[Story] Why I Wouldn’t Dare File for Divorce All By Myself

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This summer I spent interning with Main Line Family Law Center, a firm that specializes in mediation and divorce without court services in the Philadephia region.  Yesterday, I dedicated part of my afternoon to go "undercover" - investigating the elusive Divorce Kit that the local courthouse in Montgomery County, PA offers to spouses who wish to file for divorce by themselves (or "pro se" is the fancy legal term.)