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Back to School Tips – Tip 2 ~ Simple Strategies To Get Out The Door Faster, Less Frazzled And Smiling First Thing In The Morning

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Simple Strategies To Get Out The Door Faster, Less Frazzled And Smiling First Thing In The Morning
Children thrive when they know what to expect and what they have to do. Implementing a morning routine will make them feel secure and prepared for the day ahead. Even more importantly, it will make your life a little less complicated and more enjoyable !
Here are several tips to keep morning chaos to a minimum:
2. Get their shoes/trainers together and (more...)

Back To School Bedtimes

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We are fast approaching the time of year again when kids and families are getting ready for the New School Year
Along with buying the new pencil case and lunchbox lots of parents are looking for ways to help their kids get the proper sleep they need for school success. After the long days and late nights of the summer holidays changing and re establishing your child’s sleep pattern can be just as important as stocking up (more...)

Back to School – My 8 Top Tips for the Morning Routines

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Simple Strategies To Get Out The Door Faster, Less Frazzled And Smiling First Thing In The Morning

As we are mid Summer holidays, a lot of parents will be starting to think about their kids going  back to school in September so am sharing my My Top Tips For Simple Morning Routines to help you prepare to make life easier and organised when the ‘Back to School’ day arrives … and hopefully keep your (more...)

Topic of The Month – Moving To Secondary School Confidently

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Children are about to move onto secondary schools in a few weeks. Perhaps your child is one of them.
This is a time of great change for a child and for the family as a whole as this transition is a time of growth, learning and independence. Children naturally have mixed feelings about this change.
‘I was scared that I might not make any friends and that I’d get bullied, though I was excited too (more...)

Who Gets the Family Home in a Tulsa Divorce?

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There are many factors Oklahoma courts consider in weighing how to award the family house in a divorce. The home is often the largest asset most families have and often the most sentimental.
It is not an easy decision for many judges to split up the family home if the spouses cannot agree. However it may be necessary if the parties are unable to come to an agreement.
Some factors include:
If either spouse moved out of the house

The courts can’t make Tini Owens love her husband | Suzanne Moore

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She’s gone all the way to the supreme court to prove she wants out of the marriage. So why not set her free?If you stay in a marriage 40 years before deciding to leave, you might imagine nobody could accuse you of not having at least given it a go. If you have actually moved out to escape a loveless relationship, you might imagine a divorce would be fairly easy to obtain. Indeed, in the mythology (more...)

Can I contact my kids, 18 years after a really toxic divorce? | Dear Mariella

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You must resolve the conflict you still feel towards your ex first. Then apologise to your children for walking away, says Mariella FrostrupThe dilemma Eighteen years ago my marriage broke up in a disastrous way. She was not the person she led me to believe during our 20 years together. She had been having a relationship with my sister and many other men, both before and during our marriage. She tricked me and others into believing she was an &(more...)

The name game: what to do at the airport if your children don’t have your surname

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It’s supposed to stop child trafficking, but making families take extra documents if they don’t share surnames just catches those who have deviated from the hetero-nuclear normThe Home Office has released its seasonal advice for parents travelling with children whose surnames they don’t share: take supporting documents to avoid being cross-examined at customs. Well, not exactly – it’s closer to: “Expect to be cross-examined – then make sure you (more...)

Would You Destroy Your Marriage To Save Your Spouse

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Critics worry health care reform would undermine basic American family values. Talk to some and you find they believe emerging death panels ready to put Grandma away. Peel back the emotions and irrational fear mongering and the facts become apparent. The existing system unnecessarily takes lives and tears families apart. Rich and Wanda Rich and […]

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Looking At Your Spouse’s Texts? Let’s Talk About It!

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Let’s say your spouse goes into another room and his or her phone is sitting right there on the coffee table. If you start looking at your spouse’s texts and emails, are you:
1. Doing something wrong? Yes and no.
2. Doing something unethical? Yes.
3. Being a psycho? It depends.
4. Being really really insecure? In some cases.
5. Listening to your gut because your gut is telling you he is cheating? In (more...)