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Manic Mums and Dazed Dads – Are you stuck in the spin cycle of life………….. exhausted, wrung out and dizzy?

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Are you stuck in the spin cycle of life………….. exhausted, wrung out and dizzy?
Do you find yourself falling into bed worn out, frustrated and complaining “Where did the time GO?”
Then welcome to the Club! You are not alone as I coach lots of Mums and Dads from toddler to teens crying out for help and desperate to get all the jobs done, have some quality time with the kids, and  (more...)

How To Survive Your First Christmas Alone

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It’s really stressful facing your first Christmas alone.

Perhaps, you like me, are finding that you have had 20 years of family Christmases with tinsel and turkey, kids unwrapping their pressies in pyjamas with the Carols singing out on the stereo, the log fire blazing and a full house brimming with family.
Then it all changes.
But your first Christmas alone doesn’t have to be terrible.
But it does need (more...)

Keeping The Glow With Your Partner !

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One reason why relationships get stale, go off the boil and become boring is that couples get stuck in a rut of routine and having children often takes away from the spontaneity that keeps love alive, fresh and expanding and growing.
Doing the same things over and over again becomes uninteresting, tedious and sometimes depressing in its predictability. Some people feel that their need for variety is not being met and that’s when couples start to drift, (more...)

Discipline During Divorce – Keep It Consistent.

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I work with lots of parents anxious about their children when the family is going through divorce. My simple advice is to ‘Keep It Consistent.’ Children thrive on consistency and even more so during the stressful and challenging time of divorce and separation. So keep as many things the same as you can, as it helps your child feel nurtured and surrounded by stability in a very fast and highly changing environment.
The post Discipline During Divorce &(more...)

Giving the Gift of Financial Knowledge

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Looking for perfect gift for your children or grandchildren? Instead of giving cash or the latest gadget, try giving a financial gift. These gifts will help your loved ones to develop valuable money skills that will last long after the holiday season.
Mutual funds:Giving shares in a mutual fund can be an excellent way to educate your loved ones about investing. Some funds offer a great opportunity for young investors to learn about the market by providing materials (more...)

Why You Should Educate Yourself About Divorce Before Taking the Plunge

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The decision to get a divorce will be one of the biggest and most consequential choices of your life. Your divorce will directly impact your finances, your quality of living, the lives of your children, and your own emotional health. Maybe you’ve already decided that a divorce is the right choice for you, or perhaps you are unhappy in your marriage and may be considering divorce for the first time. Either way, before you make the plunge, (more...)

Ten Ways to Save at Christmas Without Looking Like a Cheapskate

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You don’t need to check your January credit card statements to know that Christmas always has a way of wreaking havoc on your finances. According to the American Research Group, the average American plans on spending $992 on Christmas gifts alone in 2018. That doesn’t even include holiday decorations, ugly sweaters, and all the food for a family meal. For those on a fixed budget, who are out of work, or simply need to (more...)

Is Your Credit Card Safe This Holiday Season?

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Every year now seems to be the “Year of the Data Breach.” In the past, we’ve seen massive breaches at Target (110 million customer records hacked), Neiman Marcus (1.1 customers compromised), Michaels (3 million customers compromised), Home Depot (as many as 56 million cards compromised) and many others, including smaller retailers.
As you gear up for the holiday shopping season, how can you protect your sensitive information from being stolen? Will you get caught (more...)

Common limiting beliefs that hold back single moms

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Emma Johnson When it comes to single moms, there are specific limiting beliefs that I see women struggle with time and again. Messages we assume based on what the world tells us we are capable of, what our rates are.  None of it is pretty.  Common single-mom toxic, liming beliefs we will unpack, debunk and…

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A Key Component In Managing Anxiety and Being Happier

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I hate to say it, but anxiety, stress and unhappiness are an epidemic. Thanks to technology, social media and the expectation of constantly answering to others, our world has taken accountability to a new level, one which has caused so much added stress, frustration, and panic, almost, which  eventually leads to wrong priorities and unhappiness. There are countless articles on managing anxiety and being happier, but I have one idea that I feel will surely help.