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The Continuing School Battle

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A ruling is due soon on the child whose parents are in a bitter battle to determine which school she goes to. Another article in the Daily News goes into more depth on the issue with the current school district. I previously blogged about this case where divorced parents of an 8 year girl are […]

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Parents raging divorce battle over daughter’s school

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A recent article in the NY Daily News outlines how an eight year old girl and where she goes to school has become a major issue in her parents divorce battle . The battle is over whether the daughter should move to one of NYC top public schools or stay in the school district she […]

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Making Memories

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After divorce, we are often focused on picking up the pieces, dealing with the emotional fallout and trying to find a new routine. While all of these are important and necessary, we can’t let ourselves miss the highlights of our lives as we move forward. Technically we have no excuse with digital cameras, home DVD […]

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What We Can Learn From Donald Trump’s Divorce

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My editor asked yesterday that I craft a piece about divorce in New York City. The writing gods are with me. Just this morning, USAToday had a front page article about Donald Trump and his former wife, Ivana, battling it out to keep the New York Times from getting “The Donald’s” 1990 divorce records unsealed. […]

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#Divorce Team Member: #Therapist/#Counselor or #DivorceCoach

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therapist counselor

Going through a divorce is similar to the grieving process, and it can be exhausting.  A therapist can provide invaluable support during this time by taking some of the weight off your shoulders and helping you deal with any doubts you may have concerning the future.

For more information about assembling your divorce team, get The Divorcing Woman's Guide & Journal.

Depending on your location and needs, The Next Chapter may be able to provide you with professional referrals. (more...)

The BFFLs and Your Kids

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Texting has become the norm for many kids to communicate with each other. I have tried to join in but my texting skills leave a lot to be desired. Who decides that “wolf” should come up in T9word before “woke”? My daughter didn’t know what on earth I was saying when i texted “I just […]

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But What About the Children?

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{3:36 minutes to read} One of the biggest concerns couples face when going through a separation or divorce is how it will impact their children. This concern can result in people staying in an unhappy […]

Have you ever experienced the power of unconditional love?

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“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”  -Herman Hesse
According to Wikipedia, unconditional love is: “affection without any limitations, it can also be love without conditions, sometimes associated with terms such as altruism or complete love.”
Most will agree that unconditional love is a boundless, unchanging feeling.
Have you ever experienced that kind of feeling?
Do you even believe in it? Is it a bad thing? I was surprised (more...)

Baby to the Rescue

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Will having a baby save your marriage and bring out the lovable man you fell in love with? Here are some things to think about before you take that leap of faith…

The Reason Many Couples Divorce May Surprise You

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Toddlers & Preschoolers›Everything KidsA new study looks at the financial factors that lead to a higher risk of divorce, and the results may not be what you'd expect.
[embed:render:node:134550:left:width_360]Women resenting their husbands for not pulling their weight in the family may lead to divorce. At least that's what a new study, "Money, Work, and Marital Stability: Assessing Change in the Gendered Determinants of Divorce," published in the American Sociological (more...)