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What You Need To Know To Keep Pet Custody In A New York Divorce

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In Pennsylvania residents may now buy ‘consumer’ fireworks but won’t be able to utilize them in cars, shoot them into vehicles or at another person.
Californians won’t be able to buy ammunition without working with  an authorized merchant — even if they purchase online and in New York, pets will be treated as children.
The bill, sponsored by Linda Holmes, intends for pets to be cared for like family members, not as (more...)

Taking a Hard Position During Divorce Negotiations Can Be a Critical Mistake

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{1:18 minutes to read} The decision to end a marriage is painful for everyone involved. Even after couples accept that their relationship is over, the inevitable changes in their lifestyles are often difficult to cope with. It’s hard for parents to imagine not seeing their children every day, or living somewhere else that may not be as nice as the home they currently have. It’s hard for people whose long-term plans included a (more...)

Becoming Involved With Someone Else During Your Divorce Can Be a Critical Mistake

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{1:30 minutes to read} Even if you met someone long after you felt that the marriage was over, it is possible that your current spouse will still feel that this other person contributed, at least in some way, to the end of your marriage.
Involving someone else allows your current spouse to justify any unreasonable position he/she may take during the divorce. After all, you are with someone else who probably contributed to the end of the (more...)

Feeling Terrible? Here’s How To Get Your Self-Esteem Back!

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One of the many things we struggle with as we recover from divorce is learning how to get your self-esteem back.
It’s easy to understand why this is such an issue. When your relationship ends, you may feel rejected. You may feel unworthy. You sit crying on your couch, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at hand, wondering why your partner does not love you anymore. You may think, as you’re stumbling (more...)

Want To Save Your Marriage? Consider A Post-Nup

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If you’re trying to save your marriage then a post-nup could be exactly what you need. The communication that goes into creating a post-nuptial agreement has the potential to create meaningful and lasting change to your relationship. And if that change doesn’t last, then having an agreement could certainly make divorce easier.
Tom Gardiner is a Chicago-based attorney and author of The Post-Nup Solution: How To Save A Marriage In Crisis-or End It Fairly (available (more...)

Want To Know How To Embrace The Holidays While Dealing With Your Divorce?

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If there were some simple, easy tricks wouldn’t you want to know how to embrace the holidays while dealing with your divorce?
Of course you would! After all, there is no escaping the festive spirit. It’s everywhere – in the shops, on the T.V., on the radio, at your work, in your neighborhood, at your kid’s school …
I know you might be plotting how you can skip the holidays, keep a (more...)

The Holidays and Your Children: Custody in Special Situations

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Child Custody During the Holidays
The Holiday season seems to come upon us quicker and quicker every year, and with it comes hectic schedules full of holiday parties and family gatherings. With all of the holiday cheer and places to be, it is important to follow your custody schedule.
Child Custody schedules come in all different shapes and sizes. Before making holiday plans, read over your custody order or separation agreement to avoid misunderstandings.
What documents are used to (more...)

He Cheated On Me, How Much Alimony Can I Get In New York

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The recent tax overhaul passed by Congress will reach every corner of American life — even divorce. One provision throws out a 75-year-old deduction for alimony. The new laws won’t go into effect until 2019, so anyone divorcing before then is safe.
Divorce experts are worrying the change will make divorce negotiations harder and end in less spousal support. Congressional tax writers claim the law will only be fair to married couples.
In a divorce which begins (more...)

Blended Family Holiday Tips & Tricks

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20 Dec, 2017

My warmest wishes to all of you, as I am taking some time off with my family to observe the one-year anniversary of the loss of my beloved husband, Ronald Decker (December 26, 2016).
I hope you cherish the time you have with your family and friends this holiday season, and every day after.  In the meantime please enjoy these very valuable articles for your Family’s Holiday Season.

Happy Blended Family Holidays!
How (more...)

DivorceTown® Help & Hope Seminar / Child-Centered Divorce

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15 Dec, 2017

In Conjunction with International Child-Centered Divorce Month
…Receive Emotional, Legal & Financial Support ~ With Special Emphasis on the Children
Friday, January 26, 2018: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PMOlive Garden2467 Cobb Parkway SESmyrna, GA 30080
LUNCH IS INCLUDED with your ticket purchaseJoin us as we shine the spotlight on better ways to calm the chaos, find solutions, and connect the dots of divorce, especially as it affects the children.
“Make a (more...)