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10 Ways Your Wedding Rings Could Bring Relief After Divorce

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wedding rings after divorce | divorce support | Since My DivorceThere’s no question that divorce is one of the top stressors in anyone’s life. Those going through a divorce are encouraged to take it one day at a time and to make self-care a priority. Because of the high intensity of emotions and navigating a new life, any relief is welcome. Did you know that selling your wedding rings could offer some relief after your divorce?

Let Go of Sadness

When you’re storing mementos from your wedding and marriage, you may also be symbolically holding on to pain, grief or anger. The sooner you let go of your wedding or engagement rings, wedding band, wedding dress or other items from that day, the sooner you release yourself from the sadness or other emotions that may be weighing you down.

Remove Physical Pain

Releasing painful memories and negativity helps to restore a healthier you. Strong, negative emotions cause physical pain and stress. Removing the items that remind you of your past helps you feel stronger and facilitate healing.

Improve Mental Health

Selling your wedding rings may have an impact on your mental health. Digging deep for the strength to let go of things that no longer serve you is one of the first steps to forgiveness. Forgiveness is psychologically proven to bring peace of mind, reduce stress and lessen symptoms of depression.

Take Back Your Power

It is so normal to feel powerless during a divorce. Uncertainty, confusion and an investment in your past drag you down even more. Removing the chains from your marriage can feel like a powerful statement to the universe.selling your wedding rings | Since My Divorce | divorce support

Be Fully Present

In order to create a new future, you must focus on the present. Holding on to the past and its physical memories prevent you from being fully focused on your present situation. As long as you’re pondering what was “supposed” to happen, you can’t see what is actually happening.

Regain Control of Your Future

Once you’re able to see the present for what it is, without the weight of guilt or sadness from your past, you regain control over your future. Your lightened load and positive attitude are a relief after divorce, helping you to feel like making new plans to look forward to.

Clear Out Old Debts

You can move forward by paying off any debts or expenses incurred during your marriage or divorce. Selling your wedding rings may afford you a clean financial slate from which to build your new life.

Buy Yourself Something New

Maybe there’s a special trip you’d like to take or a piece of jewelry to remind you of new beginnings (divorce rings are a thing!). With a reputable and professional partner to help sell your rings to the highest bidder, you may be able to get a lot more money than you thought.

Help Brighten Someone’s Day

Did you know that when you sell your wedding rings through, they go back onto the marketplace for someone else to enjoy? Your diamonds could be sold to someone who is proposing, getting married and starting a new life too. You know the right ring means so much to those in the market.

Make Room in Your Heart

The process of letting go, forgiving and cleaning out the past makes physical room in your home but it also makes emotional and spiritual room in your heart. When you approach the world with an open heart, you can be assured that good things are coming your way. Consider selling your wedding rings to find relief after divorce and continue the transition into a life you love.

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