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14 People You Should Thank This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a holiday favorite for so many people…until you get divorced. Then Thanksgiving can become stressful and depressing at the same time, especially that first year. If this is your first Thanksgiving being separated, please know that you can still enjoy family and friends, and you can and should still feel gratitude for so many things, despite your awful divorce. In this week’s Love Essentially, I list some people who do amazing things, and who should be thanked by all of us.

Give Thanks And Then Say Thank You to These 14 People

by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Media Group

Thanksgiving began as a celebration of the harvest. Today, most people see it as a day to give thanks, a day to feel gratitude, and a day to thank God.

But this Thanksgiving season, why not take thank you a step further — a step beyond turkey, pumpkin pie, a day off of work, and family and friends? What I mean is, think about thanking the people in our daily lives who deserve recognition.


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Here are 14 special people you might want to thank, either verbally or with a card or a gift:

1. Thank police officers. Men and women who put their lives at risk every day to keep our streets and communities safe deserve to be told how much they are appreciated.

2. Thank firefighters. These wonderful people also put their lives in danger almost daily. They deserve to be told how appreciated and respected they are for their courage and dedication.


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3. Thank men and women in the military. Whenever I see a soldier in uniform — usually at O’Hare — I thank them for their service. I get tears in my eyes every time because I’m in awe of their courage and commitment to our country.

4. Thank those who are caregivers. I’m not sure most people understand how difficult it is to be a caregiver, either to an elderly person or to someone with special needs. A caregiver will appreciate being thanked so much more than you can imagine.

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