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4 Terrible Social Media Dating Trends of 2017

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The dating game has been complicated by social media, and new dating trends keep popping up because of the ease of online access, but they are not always fun. Here are 4 new annoying dating trends that happened in 2017.

Love Bombing

Forget ghosting – the latest terrible dating trend to hit is “love bombing,” and it stinks. First they smother you in attention and gifts, and then when things don’t go their way – they punish you. A new study says its a way to manipulate a new partner, and you often don’t know it’s happening.


The good news is that someone is interested in you, but the bad new is they’re stalking you. In the latest dating social media trend, people can find your Instagram handle in the bio section of the Tinder profile and start following you on Instagram and messaging you even though you didn’t swipe right on the person.  This trend can turn into a form of cyberbullying if you keep rejecting them.


When a person leaves you little hints on social media, but nothing ever comes of it, that is called breadcrumbing. The person may be in a relationship, but they’re are stringing you along with a “Like” or a flirty DM. They’re keeping their options open in case they become single again, but of course that’s not fair to you.


When you’re dating and everything seems to be going smoothly, then the other person hits you with the news that they are seeing someone else. The conversation of “exclusivity” never happened so they claim it was your fault for assuming. That’s what you call roaching.


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