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What Are the Sources of Alimony in Alabama?

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What Are the Sources of Alimony in Alabama?

Alabama courts have consistently held that determining the appropriate amount of alimony to order in divorce is a three-step process: deciding whether the recipient spouse needs it; deciding whether the paying spouse can afford to pay it; evaluating any equitable principles that should cause it to be increased or decreased. When it comes to that … Continue reading "What Are the Sources of Alimony in Alabama?"

Financial Tips for Divorced Women

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Are you a divorced woman and are a bit overwhelmed by the amount if bills appear to simply pile up? If that is so, you definitely need some kind of financial guidance. After your divorce, your standard of living changes. So, finding a proper financial assistance, paying bills and organizing are some of the prime tasks you need to embark upon.
Why divorced women need financial help
According to an estimate, about 40 percent of the divorced women have (more...)

Mediation For Younger Couples Compared To Gray Couples

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Divorce is a time of great hardship and both individuals have a hard time dealing with the reality. However, for some it is easier to accept the fact more than others. For young couples, who haven’t stayed married for a longer time, dealing with divorce is relatively easier than for gray couples. For gray couples, a divorce is more than just a physical separation from their partner. It is a new way of life and for some (more...)

How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer

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Your marriage isn’t working out. You need a divorce lawyer. What you really want is the best family law attorney you can find.
Unfortunately, what you really want to do right now is close the blinds and pull the covers over your head for a while! You have your children and job to worry about. How can you even begin to think about finding a divorce attorney to help you through the process? The task seems (more...)

T.I. Harris and Tiny’s Divorce: $50 Million Up For Grabs

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T.I. Harris’ wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris has filed for divorce again, dashing hopes of a reconciliation. So how much is up for grabs?
Tiny first filed for divorce from the rapper a day after Christmas on December 26 after six years of marriage. The divorce seemed to be on hold with talks of a possible reconciliation. However, Thursday Tiny filed again, and T.I. filed his response which means it’s actually happening.

Alimony in Gross Must Not Exceed Present Estate

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A pair of recent Alabama cases stand for the same principle, so we’ll combine them in the same note. It takes nerve to appeal an award of $5,000 on the grounds that you don’t have it. And yes, this husband must have nerve. In Pylant v Pylant, Case No. 2150787 (Ala. Civ. App. February 10, … Continue reading "Alimony in Gross Must Not Exceed Present Estate"

Choosing Between Mediation vs Litigation vs Collaborative Divorce

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Divorce is never easy, no matter how amicable it is. There are numerous assets and properties that need to be divided, not to mention custody of children and other aspects. In California, a person that files for divorce has 3 ways to proceed – mediation, litigation and a collaborative divorce. There is no universal best choice among the 3 and each method is suitable for certain circumstances.
Mediation is the process where a divorcing couple sits with an (more...)

California Law on Extramarital Affairs and Alimony

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The worst thing that can happen to a marriage is infidelity. Most married people hope that something like this never happens. However, extramarital affairs occur more often than one could imagine. In fact, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) reports that 40% of marriages fall prey to infidelity.
Now that we’ve accepted the reality of infidelity, the next big question in your mind likely has to do with divorce. Divorce is often the likely (more...)

How Much Of A Role Do Finances Play In Divorce?

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According to a national survey by Experian, many divorcees regret not being more involved in household finances during their marriage and say it played a role in the split. I’m not surprised by this and I see it often in both mediation and coaching clients.
I’ve worked with clients who
knew nothing about the marital finances and who have had to work hard to get up to speed while bumping up against court deadlines.
shared (more...)

Are Alimony Payments Tax Deductible?

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Alimony aka spousal support that is paid by one spouse in the form of financial support to the other for spousal maintenance. The purpose of spousal support is to financially help the other parent maintain a certain standard of living after divorce.
Since alimony payments are considered to be a form of income, it is tax deductible. However, there are many requirements without which tax cannot be deducted from alimony payments.
The paying spouse is entitled to tax deductions (more...)