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  • How to save money by negotiating your bills
    Choices abound, but we’re taking a look at four companies disrupting how we think about paying bills: Arcadia Power BillBargain BillShark Trim These and other bill negotiation services earn money by helping you save yours. Bill negotiation services A bill negotiator is the same way. She takes time to uncover ... read more
  • The Birds & Bees – Talking to Your Kids about …Sex!
    I was interviewed a while back by LBC Radio in London about talking to kids about sex The inevitable “birds and the bees” talk is one that lots of parents I coach often put off for as long as possible. But learning about sexuality is a normal part of child ... read more
  • Dating A Player Or Is He Just A Player With You?
    This is a great dating story about a friend of mine who was dating a player (or so I thought.)   It all started last fall, when she went out with a guy she really thought she liked. The problem was, he wasn’t treating her very well. For example, after ... read more
  • What Last Name Will My Child Be Given If My Child’s Other Parent and I Were Never Married?
    It is understandably difficult to be faced with the decision in Oklahoma either changing your child’s last name or choose a last name for your child when you and your spouse do not share the same last name. Perhaps the father of the child wants his son to have his ... read more
  • Estate planning and will for single parents
    What happens to my kids if I die? Whether you’re a parent of teens, or have recently welcomed a new baby into your life, chances are you’ve asked yourself this question: What happens if I died? This question can be especially loaded if you’re a single parent. Don’t you want ... read more
  • How To Make Divorce Cheaper
    Let’s face it. Divorce is expensive. Not only do you have to pay court costs and legal fees, but you are also likely to be racking up therapy bills. Add that to the cost of establishing a second household, plus all of the hidden costs of divorce (moving, selling your ... read more
  • Is Lembit Opik too old to be a Dad at 52?
    Today I joined politician Lembit Opik, who was famously engaged to one of the Cheeky Girls, on his BBC Radio Kent Show as he has revealed he is to have a child with a Bulgarian lawyer at the age of 52. The ex-Lib Dem MP ... read more
  • The Importance of Father-Child Bonding
    I was recently discussing the new Paternity Leave for Dads on BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester & here is my article published in the Indian Magazine Kids Stop Press about the importance of Dads bonding with their new born babies. Today, we have a special guest writing for us. ... read more
    It’s Father’s Day here in the UK and I always miss my wonderful Dad as he was just such a wonderful person, charismatic, kind, thoughtful, funny and great, great fun. From my Dad I learnt my values, my confidence, my tenacity. From my Dad I learnt compassion, finding the balance ... read more
  • Father’s Day for Divorced Dads – Tips for Enjoying It.
    Father’s Day weekend is upon us, and whether you feel it’s all just a marketing gimmick it’s still important to take time out to celebrate, but for many divorced dads, the day can serve as a tough reminder of the most painful loss or  saddest change from your divorce: time ... read more
  • Hey single mom— Do you tell your son he’s the man of the house?
    Ever since he was a tiny boy, my son has been a little dude. By this, I mean he takes on typically masculine roles. Even when he was 3 years old, he would make sure his older sister and I stood behind the orange safety line while waiting for the ... read more
  • New Court Approved for Domestic Violence Cases in Oklahoma
    Domestic violence cases are becoming a serious issue in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is why the Tulsa County District Court received a $300,000 annual planning grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women, for a planning grant in order to construct a domestic violence court. Today, the ... read more
  • Sex and money advice from a 90-year-old single mom
    Last week, my kids and I visited my mom at her Milwaukee condo, the complex of which is occupied mostly by senior citizens. While lounging by the pool where my kids caused a ruckus, mildly amused and mostly annoyed by the very loud woman who went on and on and ... read more
  • Celebrating Father’s Day And What I Learned From My Dad
    Next Sunday is Father’s Day, and even though my dad is no longer with us, the lessons he taught me are valuable and meaningful. So, in this week’s Love Essentially, I share these things with my readers, in hopes you learn this wonderful knowledge from a wonderful man. Life Lessons ... read more
  • When should single moms introduce boyfriend to the kids?
    Growing up, my mom, who was divorced, dated a lot for a few years. I loved it. I loved watching her get dressed up to go out to dinner or dancing. I'd sit on her bed as she'd stand at the dresser and set her blond, permmed hair on rollers, ... read more