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  • Shocking new survey showing large number of body anxious teens avoiding PE
    Being a teenager is fraught with being self conscious, yet in this digital age where image is everything teenagers are under a lot of pressure to be ‘perfect.’ The survey by the ‘Be Real Campaign’ suggests that schools could do more to combat this unrealistic expectation of what it ... read more
  • A Quarter Of 11 To 16-Year-Olds Would Have Cosmetic Surgery To Improve Body Image. So what can YOU do to teach your kids to have a positive attitude?
    As a new survey reveals that a quarter of 11 To 16-Year-Olds would have cosmetic surgery to improve their body image, what can YOU do to teach your kids to have a positive and healthy body image and body attitude? Half of girls and a third of boys are willing ... read more
  • Home Alone – When is OK?
    I’m being interviewed on BBC Three Counties Radio BBC Radio Sheffield and  BBC Radio Berkshire by Anne Diamond about when it is a safe time to leave children “Home Alone” Deciding if your child is ready to be left home alone can be a tricky decision. I remember incrementally ... read more
  • Net Worthy Taking a Hit?
    This month my Net Worthy took a hit, reminding me that this happens all the time to the best of us.  The reasons don’t really matter; let’s just say I was triggered by something that opened some old wounds that I thought had been healed long ago. Surviving life’s wounds ... read more
  • The Damage of Fighting In Front Of The Kids
    Everyone knows fighting in front of the kids is bad. Yet, many couples–both married couples and couples who are divorced do it. Why do we do it? Not because we want to hurt our children, but Because when emotions are running high, and people just can’t think clearly.  In this ... read more
  • KPBS San Diego: WIFE co-founders Ginita Wall and Candace Bahr
    Women’s Financial Health ? The post KPBS San Diego: WIFE co-founders Ginita Wall and Candace Bahr appeared first on ... read more
  • I’m keeping the dog! The rise in ‘pet-nups’
    Custody over pets is increasingly figuring in divorce proceedings – and one in 20 pet-owning couples now reportedly have a pet-nup detailing everything from contact time to grooming parloursName: Pet-nups.Age: Five years or more. Continue reading... ... read more
  • Want to Save $70,000? Then Don’t Listen to Your Real Estate Agent!
    You can’t blame your real estate agent. The bigger the house she can put you in, the higher her commission. When the bank comes back with your loan approval, you can bet that your agent will take one look at that number and try to find you every single house ... read more
  • A time to reflect on Britain’s decision to divorce Europe | Brief letters
    Brexit reality check | Pleasing the people | Divorce law | Irish passports | The ScreamJonathan Freedland’s timely reality check (The lesson of this ordeal? The EU is a club worth belonging to, 6 April) should be recast in 72 point and pinned up in every ERG member’s office, but ... read more
  • No-fault divorce reform will allow families to function, say lawyers
    Planned overhaul in England and Wales praised for shifting focus from blame to resolutionLawyers have welcomed government plans to introduce no-fault divorce, saying the changes would allow families to function after a marriage breakdown.The government announced on Tuesday that divorce laws in England and Wales would be changed as soon ... read more
  • Can an Oklahoma Divorce Attorney Represent Both Spouses?
    Many divorcing couples consider hiring one attorney for both spouses as a way to cut down on costs, create less paperwork, and reduce complications. This may sound great, however, ethically attorneys cannot represent both spouses in a divorce action. But there are other options available, especially in Oklahoma — like ... read more
  • It won’t undermine marriage to make divorce easier. It’s simple humanity | Gaby Hinsliff
    Forcing miserable people to stay together is pointless. The justice secretary’s proposed reforms are welcomeHe was one husband for the first eight years of their marriage, and someone quite different for the next eight.Or so the former Olympic rower James Cracknell, whose separation from his partner Beverley Turner was recently ... read more
  • Twelve Tax Myths
    It’s what you think you know that really isn’t true that can hurt you. A study by the American Institute of CPAs identified twelve misconceptions that taxpayers have about their income taxes. Myth #1If you apply for an extension to file your taxes, you’re more likely to be audited. Studies ... read more
  • Sometimes Life’s Just Not Fair
    Sometimes life’s just not fair. You can be doing everything right, and get dealt an unfair blow. You get sick, your partner leaves you, you lose your job because the company is going out of business, or being sold. Any of these experiences are challenging. Sometimes people experience multiple life ... read more
  • Congratulations, You’re Pregnant! Here Are the First Five Money Moves New Moms Need to Make
    Wow, you are going to be a mother! How exciting, and perhaps slightly terrifying. If you’ve talked to other new parents, then you know that the miracle of life also has a way of turning into the miracle of the disappearing paycheck. Babies are wonderful…and expensive. That’s why it ... read more