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  • Should wives stay thin for their husbands?
    A friend was telling me of her new diet and plans to lose 20 lbs. “I told Jack (her husband of 10 years), ‘I'm so sorry I got fat since we married!'” From everything I can tell, their relationship is thriving, but my friend has a deep-rooted sense that she ... read more
  • Litigation: A Divorce Process That Isn’t For Wimps
    There are a few different ways to get divorced. Here are some options:   1. You and your soon to be ex can go online and do it yourselves. 2. You and your soon to be ex can go to an attorney and figure it out yourselves (and actually use ... read more
  • EliteSingles vs. eHarmony dating sites
    In the black hole that online dating sites and apps can be, Elite Singles and eHarmony stand out with promises of serious, long-term, committed relationships. Which one is better? This post will help you decide. Short answer: While both are quality dating sites, EliteSingles has a free version, is more ... read more
  • Criticism Is The Toxic Habit That Can Slowly Ruin Your Relationship
    Experts say this common communication issue can push couples apart. ... read more
  • Handling Disappointing Exam Results Positively
    The envelope gently lands on the doormat with more of a flutter than a heavy thud, but the contents have the potential to help your child’s dreams come true… or shatter them into a million tiny pieces …… for now. But it’s about mindset, getting back up, and looking ... read more
  • Being a single mom is hard—right?
    When people learn you're a single mom, is the pity automatic? “I don't know how you do it.” “You're amazing— must be so hard to do it all by yourself!” “It must be so hard for the kids, I'm sorry.” Etc., ad nauseam, blah blah, right? Welcome to my world. ... read more
  • Can A Marriage Survive Infidelity?
    When I discovered my then husband’s first affair, we had been married 10 years. I was shocked! After the rage, sadness and despair settled down a bit, I wondered, “Can our marriage survive infidelity?” “Can I ever really get over this awful sense of betrayal? Can I ever trust him ... read more
  • Stop Walking On Eggshells
    My clients often tell me about people in their lives who are challenging and thus cause them to be walking on eggshells. My question to my clients is always, “Whose eggshells are they?” What I am trying to ask my clients is, “Who is responsible for the feelings and reactions ... read more
  • Money, mindset and beliefs you give your kids.
    I am fascinated by success and why some people are successful entrepreneurs and others struggle all their lives. I have been working with a lot of people recently throughout the last year who are struggling to come to terms with the financial down turn throughout the world. I work with ... read more
  • How to pay off your credit cards – when no one wants to help you
    This post was sponsored by Just because you’ve been turned down for balance transfers and personal loans, it doesn’t mean you’re destined for bankruptcy. America is drowning in debt – and credit cards are dragging us down. According to recent statistics… We owe more than $1 trillion on our cards. That’s enough ... read more
  • A second chance at first love: meet the couples who marry, divorce – then remarry
    Marrying the same person twice isn’t just for celebrity couples such as Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, but it is rare. What brings a broken union back together?Damian Robinson knew it was a cliche to propose to his partner, Amanda, on Christmas Day 2015, but he did it anyway. “I ... read more
  • Be Your Child’s ‘Media Mentor’ – stop nagging, start engaging!
    Parenting in the age of smartphones can be really stressful. Health experts from the World Health Organisation say we should limit kids’ screen time to a “healthy level.” But infants aside, that doesn’t mean zero time. There’s a growing push to encourage parents to be media mentors rather than gatekeepers. ... read more
  • EliteSingles vs. Zoosk—which is better for single parents?
    Two of the most popular dating sites are EliteSingles and Zoosk, both of which claim tens of millions of users worldwide—including in the United States.  In early 2019, Elite Singles parent company, Spark Networks based in Germany, bought Zoosk. Add these to dozens of other dating apps for both single ... read more
  • 4 Stories For Those Frustrated With Dating
    Frustrated with dating? You need to read this week’s Love Essentially, in which I tell 4 of my personal dating stories. They will make you feel like your love life is a walk in the park! Or, they will just make you laugh.  Dating is a tortuous but necessary evil. ... read more
  • When to consider relationship counseling
    Couples counseling has gotten a bad rap as a last-ditch effort to save a already-failed relationship. But recent studies find that couples therapy can be very helpful in making relationships better, stronger, and longer-lasting—including if you are not married. After all, marriage rates among millennials have reached historic lows, and ... read more