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  • The Sue Atkins Sunday Saying – They’ll thank you in the end for not letting them eat biscuits for breakfast !
    If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent. ~ Bette Davis   It’s tough being a parent – but we are there to be our children’s guiding hand. We need to step up and be their parent NOT their friend so this little ... read more
  • I Love You But I’m Not IN Love With You: What It Means
    This blog is for men who say the words “I love you but I’m not in love with you,” and their wives or ex-wives who have heard those heart-stopping, soul-crushing words from their husband. ARRRGH! There it is again, that infuriating, devastating phrase...”I love you but I’m not in love ... read more
  • My Ex Is Lying During Divorce, Telling People I’m Mentally Ill
    Going through a divorce definitely has its challenges. We all know that. But what happens when during divorce, one person starts spreading lies about the other? Here is one reader’s story. During her divorce, her ex is actually telling people she is mentally ill.   “How do you handle the ... read more
  • Tips For When Your Child Prefers One Parent Over Another.
    I was recently asked about this problem on my Parenting Podcast and while this can be quite hurtful if you are the parent who is being excluded, it is helpful to know that this is a phase and it will pass. Preferring one parent to another, is actually considered healthy ... read more
  • Are single dads better dads? Often, yes. Here’s why …
    I’ve heard it time and again: While they they were married, he worked a bazillion hours, rarely helped around the house, barely made time for the kids and spent any free time or money doing whatever the eff he wanted. She was overwhelmed, angry, felt abandoned and worried – and ... read more
  • The Sue Atkins Wednesday Story – Excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude !
    Here’s my Wednesday story from my never-ending notebook and my everlasting coloured pencil. Excellence is not a skill. It’s an attitude! ~ Ralph Marston A gentleman once visited a temple under construction where he saw a sculptor making an idol of God. Suddenly he noticed a similar idol lying nearby. ... read more
  • Man requests sword fight with ex-wife and lawyer to settle legal dispute
    David Ostrom, 40, of Paola, Kansas asks judge for trial by combat in 12 weeks, so he has time to secure Japanese samurai swordsA Kansas man has asked an Iowa judge to let him engage in a sword fight with his ex-wife and her attorney in a trial by combat ... read more
  • Have You Filled A Rucksack Today?
    All day long children are carrying round an invisible rucksack. You can’t see it, but it’s there. Children carry an imaginary rucksack that needs to be filled daily with T-I-M-E, love, affection, attention & security. When children’s rucksacks are full, they feel safe, secure, confident, valued and happy. They ... read more
  • Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids
    This is one of my favourite books for children. It’s called “Have You Filled a Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids” It is just the most super, simple, powerful and amazing little book that kids just embrace quickly and easily and  I guarantee it will transform your ... read more
  • Your Mortgage And Divorce: 4 Reasons To Refinance ASAP
    When two people get divorced, a few different things could happen regarding the marital home. One person might stay in the home while the other either rents or buys a new place. Or, the couple sells their home and each decides whether to rent or buy a new home. So, ... read more
  • How Much are Oklahoma Divorce Costs?
    The number one question most clients ask their Tulsa divorce attorney is, “How much is the divorce going to cost?” Although many individuals are not wanting to lead a conversation with finances, this is an important question to ask any prospective attorney. Oklahoma divorce costs vary according to numerous factors. Before ... read more
  • The modern cult of child worship.
    I was recently speaking on BBC Radio Warwickshire talking about the cult of child worship, where children become the absolute centre of their parents world in an unbalanced way, compared to past generations. From the moment babies are born – in fact, from the minute some Mums become pregnant – they obsess ... read more
  • OurFamilyWizard co-parenting app review: Cost, calendar, pros, cons
    What is Our Family Wizard? Quick answer: OurFamilyWizard (sometimes mistakenly referred to as, ‘My Family Wizard) is a co-parenting app used by tens of thousands of parents to make it easier to share a calendar and schedule, text, share documents and information and other features for better communication — that ... read more
  • The Sue Atkins Sunday Saying – For Dads
    Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad.  ~Author Unknown    The post The Sue Atkins Sunday Saying – For Dads appeared first on Sue Atkins The Parenting Coach. ... read more
  • “My Ex Got Engaged. I Feel Like I’ve Been Pushed Off a Cliff”
    This is from a divorced woman whose ex got engaged: I’ve been divorced for 3 years and I found out today my ex got engaged. He called to let me know, and I felt that physical pain, that stab in your heart. I pretended to be happy for him. I ... read more