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  • Cozi Family Organizer: Family organization app review
    Modern life is hectic enough. Divorce makes it even more complicated. A family organization app can turn your out-of-control existence into an orderly, well-planned life. Cozi is one of the top-reviewed and most-used family organization apps on the market. According to its website, more than 20 million people currently use ... read more
  • Is Drinking Wine Every Night During Divorce A Bad Thing?
    I thought it was important to write about an issue that is oftentimes brushed under the rug, but extremely important, especially during divorce. I’m talking about drinking wine every night to soothe anxiety about divorce and just relax. I did it. When I was first separated, I began drinking wine ... read more
  • A dad explains: “Why I don’t see my child.”
    Mention the fatherless epidemic in the United States, and the arguments are polarizing: Why fathers walk away after divorce It is either: Men are irresponsible douchebags who abandon their children to mothers, who are left to raise the children with few resources, or … Women are conniving, malicious, entitled nut-jobs ... read more
  • ‘I’ve gained a best friend’: readers on getting on with ex-partners after divorce
    Marriage breakups are hard, but some people can rebuild relationships after they end thingsDivorce enquiries have been known to spike at the beginning of the year starting on 6 January, so-called ‘divorce day’. Divorce support organisation, Amicable, said that over the past few years it has seen an increase in ... read more
  • 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Hand A Mobile Phone to Your Young Children.
    I was invited to talk on BBC Radio Wales about children as young as 5 being bought their own mobile phones. An Adelaide technology company says it has sold 25,000 of its all-in-one children’s smartphone, watch and GPS devices in 2020 and we’re still only in January! As regular listeners ... read more
  • My Husband Is Not Affectionate Or Romantic And I Might Want A Divorce
    DGS gets a lot of emails from readers who tell us “My husband is not affectionate or romantic.” While that is a problem, is it enough of an issue to warrant divorce? Here’s the story of one reader who’s wondering about this:   I have been married for 12 years ... read more
  • My Husband Cheated And Blames Me For It
    A man who cheats on his wife is bad enough. When your husband cheats and blames you for his cheating, he is not only unfaithful, but dishonorable as well. Really?! Come on guys, if you’re cheating, man up! Take responsibility for your own actions!  Seriously, why do cheaters blame their ... read more
  • Meet someone online? Why you should do a background search
    While online dating in 2020 is socially acceptable (now, more people who marry meet online than any other way), it can still feel sketchy to meet someone whom you know little about outside of what their EliteSingles, Bumble or Zoosk profile says. After all, you don’t likely know anyone in ... read more
  • The importance of creating a strong parent partnership within childcare settings for raising happy, confident, resilient children.
    Here is my article published in ScooNews The Preferred Media platform for the education sector – print, online, online TV and events in India. Parents are the most important people in their children’s early lives. Children learn about the world and their place in it through their conversations, play activities, ... read more
  • Barbara Huson
    Barbara Huson, a long-time friend of, is a leading authority on women, wealth and power. For over 20 years, Barbara has been empowering women to take charge of their money and, in turn, take charge of their life, to help them create the wealth they desire and the ... read more
  • How to use your kid’s cell phone as a money teaching machine
    This post was created in partnership with T. Rowe Price. You can google all the typical questions about teaching kids about personal finance: Allowance guidelines by age, save-spend-give jars, and other basic tools for teaching littles about stocks and compound interest. But how do you apply these lessons to real ... read more
  • Selling Your House During a Divorce
    One of the many tough decisions that a divorcing couple face is what to do about the family house. Many, if not most, couples sell it and divide the profits, but the decision is difficult because the family house was the family home until the divorce. When a divorcing couple ... read more
  • The Impact Divorce Can Have On Your Family And Mental Health
    If you’re going through a separation or divorce, you don’t need anyone to tell you that it can all get stressful. The sleepless nights, the lack of appetite, and the worries about what’s best for the children tell you that. You may put ... read more
  • How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer
    Find out how to narrow the field of potential lawyers to handle your divorce and what to ask during your first meeting. ... read more
  • Ten Ways to Fall in Love With Valentine’s Day After a Divorce
    During the early days of your courtship and marriage, Valentine’s Day may have been full of gorgeous red roses, glittering glasses of expensive wine, and ooey-gooey proclamations of love. Now, even the thought of Valentine’s Day may sting your already-hurting heart. If you’ve recently gotten divorced – even if ... read more