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Lawyer Anna Ayscue Answers Your Unspoken Child Custody Questions

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One of the hardest aspects of divorce is getting you and your spouse to agree on how the lives of your children will be effected. When will you get to see them? Who gets to spend birthdays and holidays with them? How do you help them feel like a part of a family when everything is falling apart? Our attorney Anna Ayscue is here to take the case. Having been a member of our firm for years, she’(more...)

10 Ways to Prevent Divorce when your Marriage is in Trouble

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It’s easy to feel distressed when your marriage is in trouble, but there are 10 things you can do to try and save your relationship.
Can you remember the last time you were happy with your spouse? If the answer is no, you’re probably worried that you and your partner are heading down the road to divorce. But don’t be discouraged, it’s easy to feel hopeless when you’re experiencing (more...)

How To Calm Anger In Divorce

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Regardless of how civil or amicable you want your divorce to be, disagreements are inevitable. Knowing how to calm anger in divorce could be your key to resolving these disagreements and staying out of the courtroom.
When you’re negotiating over the division of assets and how to parent together, and the hurt and pain are fresh and raw, it’s hard to approach this simply as a business negotiation. It’s easy to let all (more...)

Divorce, Your Mental Health & Quality of Life

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Every divorce has emotional consequences, for the couple involved and for any children they might have.  How severe the emotional impact and how quickly one recovers can often depend on your mental health awareness and support system.

You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously. ~ Sophia Bush

Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Awareness month in May has been recognized in the United States since 1949.  Unfortunately, mental health awareness is often (more...)

Managing Anger & Other Co-Parenting Challenges After Divorce

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Anger-Conflict Programs for Co-Parenting & Other Life ChallengesBy Rosalind Sedacca, CDCAnger is a natural consequence of a relationship breakup or divorce. But not all anger is the same and it’s important to understand how anger is affecting not only your divorce, but also your life and your other relationships.Is anger seeping into your relationship with your kids? With your in-laws, or other family members? Will anger negatively impact your future romantic relationships?If not handled affectively, (more...)

Reasons Why Some Women Are Happier After They Get Divorced

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When the Kingston University conducted a study for analyzing whether women had a negative effect after divorce or not, the result was quite surprising. About ten thousand people were surveyed as a part of this research and the respondents were in the age group f 16 to 60. The respondents were asked during the survey to rate how they felt before their divorce and after the divorce got finalized,
The researchers found out during the course of two decades (more...)

What Should Mothers Do When They Lose Custodial Fights?

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For a parent, there is no greater loss after a divorce than losing custodial rights of their children. There are many grounds on which a court in California can award custodial rights to a father. Substance addiction, abuse and neglect are the topmost reasons and also, mothers who are not financially stable can find themselves on the losing end.
So, what should mothers do when they lose custodial battles? Completely losing custody of one’s children can have (more...)

How To Tell Your Spouse Is Lying To You

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No one likes to think their spouse isn’t telling the truth but if you’re getting divorced or your marriage is in trouble, then the chances that your spouse isn’t being totally honest increase and you need to know how to tell your spouse is lying to you.
If you’ve always believed your spouse, how to do start to detect the lies?
On the otherhand, if you’re convinced now that (more...)

Shared Parenting v. Equal Parenting: 5 Ways the New Laws Will Hurt Kids

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Guest Post by Karen CoveyChildren affected by Divorce The story is all too familiar. The kids stand on the front steps, consumed by sadness. They watch their father walk toward the car. Silent tears roll down their cheeks while their dad gets in the car and drives away. As soon as he’s out of view, he chokes up and pulls over. He doesn’t want to lose his kids. But shared parenting seems like an impossible (more...)

How Children of Divorce Are Affected By Parental Anger & Conflict

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Parents Fighting Around Kids After DivorceWhether you’re contemplating divorce, in the process, or transitioning after your own divorce, there’s one thing that’s crucial for all parents to keep in mind …Fighting around the children does more damage to them than divorce itself. That’s why as parents we need to be diligent in monitoring our children — as well as our own behavior — to safeguard our kids from emotional (more...)