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Is Alimony I am Already Paying for a Previous Marriage Considered in Determining Alimony in my Current Tulsa Divorce?

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In Oklahoma, alimony (also known as spousal support) is calculated and assigned based on many different factors. Judges have wide discretion when assigning alimony. Judges use their discretion to weigh various factors in deciding what is fair and equitable.

However, before discussing how alimony is calculated and if alimony from a prior marriage is considered in the calculation, it is important to understand the purpose behind alimony.
What is Alimony
The word “alimony” itself came from (more...)

How to Divorce a Spouse that Earns Considerably More Income Than You

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Going through a divorce is an emotionally draining process, especially if you’re the dependent spouse in the relationship. There’s a lot of fear and confusion surrounding finances in divorce and being able to afford the process: will I be able to make ends meet without my spouse? Can I even afford to get divorced from them? Fortunately, though you might feel at a disadvantage, there’s a lot you can do to get fair (more...)

Who Will Support You?

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Child Support.  Alimony.  Dollar Signs.  Years of Payments.  Custody Battles.  Is this what divorce sounds like to you?
The fact is, divorce can be expensive.  Who will pay support, how much and for how long are simply part of the process, especially when children are involved.  We assume every judge does his or her best to make the most fair, just decision, when it is left to them.  However, only you (more...)

How Do Oklahoma Courts Assign Debt in a Contested Divorce?

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Debts and liabilities are some of the most common items that must be divided and assigned to each spouse during a divorce.
In Oklahoma, courts use the concept of “equitable division” to divide both assets and debts. This is how courts assign debt in divorce.
The most important step the court takes first is to determine whether the debt is marital debt or separate personal debt. After this determination the court will then assign the debt using (more...)

How To Pick Your Divorce Battles

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It came down to three things, all of which seem so silly right now: a nice car, new furniture, and when to drop off the dogs on the weekend. These things were my lines in the sand—what I had chosen to fight over during my divorce. I hadn’t learned then that you have to pick your divorce battles. Most people going through a split haven’t
When we are fighting during divorce, we (more...)

Wake County Forms

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Use this page to access all the Wake County forms you’ll need for filing your divorce. You’ll find resources for alimony, child custody, property, and general divorce concerns listed below.
Need help understanding how to best use and fill out these forms? Sign up for our DIY divorce service.
WAKE-CVD-01 Calendar Request
WAKE-CVD-02 Motion / Order to Continue
WAKE-CVD-05 Civil Submissions Coversheet
WAKE-DOM-06 Custody Mediation Cover Sheet (Rev. 2/10) (Word)
WAKE-DOM-18 Initial Pretrial Order (Equitable (more...)

Divorces Have Options and So Do You

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Three important things to remember about your divorce options: 
          1.  You Have Options          2.  You Need to Understand What Your Personal Options Are          3.  You Have to Choose the Right Path For You and Your Family
“I want a divorce” could be the four most devastating and confusing words a person ever hears.  Often, just the (more...)

How to Cut Down on Divorce Costs

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Ways to Make Divorce Cheaper
From the emotional to the financial costs, getting a divorce is hardly ever a cheap process. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a Lawyer to represent you, there are fees and costs you’ll be required to incur and depending on the circumstances and length of negotiations, these associated costs have a way of blowing out of proportion and taking a toll on your pockets.
If you’re interested (more...)

How To Be Financially Stable And Secure After Divorce

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Divorce rocks a person’s financial stability and security like no other life event. Even if you saw it coming, you may not have made all the steps needed to go from two incomes to one. Settlements are messy and are messier if you have children. Usually, one parent pays child support and that can be a hardship. But child support often doesn’t make up for sharing all of the household expense and debt so the (more...)

Eight Common Compensation Issues In Divorce

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Compensation issues in divorce usually come up in discussions about spousal support or alimony, and child support. While child support can be pretty formulaic with well-established rules for addressing different compensation concerns, spousal support is much more variable and often is not as straightforward as simply taking a number off a pay stub.
Other compensation issues such as stock options and deferred compensation impact division of assets negotiations. These arrangements can be complex and confusing with even the recipient (more...)