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If I am Off Work Due to a Workers’ Compensation Claim, Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

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If you were injured at your place of employment and suddenly found out you were not going to be able to work for a while, chances are the first concern you have is finances, primarily your child support payments. Your income will be negatively impacted and your financial obligations will become more stressful. 
There are several ways to deal with child support when a reduction in income and sustaining an injury occurs. Handling this type of situation does (more...)

Will My Child Have to Testify in a Tulsa Custody Hearing?

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When custody is at issue in a divorce, or when unmarried parents separate, the process can be difficult not only on parents, but also on the children of the couple. If parents aren’t able to decide on custody, a court will decide for them.  This can be stressful and create worry for both parents, especially when it comes to decide whether a judge will make a child to testify in Tulsa.
Wondering who will get primary (more...)

Does My Child’s Father Have to Pay Child Support if We Were Never Married?

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Many couples become confused with the child support and custody arrangement when they were not married before or after their child was born. However, once you become a parent, there are immediate rights and responsibilities attached. Knowing these rights and responsibilities is crucial in a child support and custody case.

The most beneficial first step in this case is to retain an experienced Tulsa child support attorney as soon as possible to preserve these rights and enforce the (more...)

Can I Move Out of Oklahoma to a New State with My Child Without the Other Parent’s Approval?

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Many times, after a divorce decree and child custody order, one or both parents wish to relocate out of state with their child. There are various reasons for this, such as moving to be closer to family now that the divorce is final, job opportunity that is necessary now that the parent only has one income source, or when a parent marries a new spouse and wants to relocate to their location. 
Your child custody attorney will explain (more...)

Divorcing And Not Working? You Might Regret It

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If you’re divorcing and not working, you might regret it. Why?
Standard advice used to be not to go back to work as it would likely impact the alimony you’d receive and not just the amount but also the duration.
You’ll rarely hear that advice these days. Gone are the days of lifetime maintenance, and if you’re not working you’re at risk of being treated as voluntarily unemployed. That (more...)

Does Domestic Violence Affect Child Custody Determinations?

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Domestic violence is always a consideration in a child custody decision, especially if the victim was the child of the parent or partner of the offender. The presence of any violence in the home questions whether it is in the child’s best interest to reside in that home, as indicated in Oklahoma law Title 43 §112.2. 
Domestic Violence Presumption
Under the above referenced statute, a presumption has been established in Oklahoma stating that an (more...)

Can I Relocate with My Child If the Other Parent Agrees?

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Moving can always be a challenge when a child custody order is in place. Regardless of whether the other parent agrees or not, there is still a process that must be done in order to accomplish the move and continue current or modified custody arrangements.

Although the process is typically easier if the other parent agrees with the relocation request or you already included provisions for relocation in your child custody agreement.
Reasons for Relocation
One of the factors (more...)

Do I Have Rights as a Grandparent in Oklahoma Child Custody Decisions?

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The bond between a grandparent and a grandchild can be immensely strong. The thought of their grandchild not having the best life possible can be unthinkable. There are certain situations where the grandparents think it is in the child’s best interest to live with them and be awarded visitation, joint custody or sole custody. 
We review the requirements that must be met for grandparents to ask their child custody attorney to petition for child custody and (more...)

Does Child Support Change When Child Custody Changes?

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When a child custody modification is ordered, most likely the parent that now has more custody time with the child will require additional child support to be paid to them each month by the other parent.
However, before we come to that conclusion, it is important to understand how your child support attorney will help you receive the financial support you need if you take on additional custodial responsibility of your child.
Modification Requirement
As with many motions that (more...)

In Oklahoma, Do I Have a Say in Who Resides in My Ex’s House Where My Child Lives?

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One of the most difficult situations for a parent to be in is not having control over who your child is around or what kind of individuals are influencing your child’s development. Your child custody attorney can help you feel hopeful in explaining that you do have remedies if you feel your child is being harmed in any way, both physically and psychologically. 
Below we discuss factors judges consider when evaluating this type of situation, general (more...)