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Holiday Shopping Tips For A Divorced Parent

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Divorce is a stressful and life-changing event that can be tough on families all year round. But as the holiday season approaches, this can bring even more tension among children and parents. Kids might be splitting time between parents, stress-levels can be higher than usual, and parents may be struggling financially.

This becomes even more apparent when it comes time for holiday shopping. The financial toll of divorce—whether it’s paying for lawyers, declaring bankruptcy, or (more...)

Understanding Visitation Rights and Schedules in North Carolina

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What are your visitation rights? As a result of your separation or divorce, you will have to determine where your children will live and the logistics of visitation. Child custody and visitation schedules can be decided by the parents or, if an agreement cannot be reached by the parents alone, the courts. The courts main focus when deciding on visitation and custody is the best interest and welfare of the minor children, with an emphasis on the children’(more...)

Christmas Day While Going Through A Divorce

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Christmas day while going through divorce: devastating? sad? lonely? upsetting? painful? awkward? longing? will never be the same? There are so many feelings on this day…
If you are newly separated…
This might be a tough day for you. Please know that God is with you, and that your family, your kids, your friends and other people you know love and care deeply for you. Next year at this time, life will look a lot different, (more...)

Are You In A Bad Marriage During The Holidays?

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You know it to your very core. You’re done. You’ve lived in an unhappy marriage for far too long. The thought of your bad marriage during the holidays AGAIN is almost more than you can bear.
Watching your husband overindulge at holiday parties is unbearable. Listening to that fake laugh your wife puts on when she is trying to be social makes you cringe. You hate the way your spouse looks, acts, talks, and (more...)

14 People You Should Thank This Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a holiday favorite for so many people…until you get divorced. Then Thanksgiving can become stressful and depressing at the same time, especially that first year. If this is your first Thanksgiving being separated, please know that you can still enjoy family and friends, and you can and should still feel gratitude for so many things, despite your awful divorce. In this week’s Love Essentially, I list some people who do amazing things, and (more...)

Melissa Forman Gives Tips For Blended Families

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Melissa Forman is a well-loved local radio and TV personality in Chicago. I’ve listened to her for decades, and I was even a guest on her TV show a few years ago, but I never knew much about her family until I ran into her at a high school tennis tournament where both of our daughters were playing. We started talking, and the conversation led to me writing my Love Essentially column about Melissa’s love (more...)

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Invite Over 2,000 Members Of The Public To Their Wedding

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The royal wedding of Prince Harry to Suits star, Meghan Markle has been dominating headlines over the past few months.  Throughout those past few months, there has been plenty of chatter regarding who will, and will not be invited to the wedding.
With a guest list to the celebration reaching over 3,000 individuals (only 600 invited to the actual ceremony), it is certainly bound to be an affair for the ages.  Although, it does (more...)

Parents: Give Children of Divorce Special Holiday Attention

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CDCFor divorcing and divorced parents the holiday season can be especially stressful, pressure-filled and overwhelming. But you’re not alone. For children facing their parents’ divorce or who are experiencing their first holiday season post-divorce, this can be an especially tough time of year.For that reason all parents and extended family members who want to protect children caught in the consequences of a divorce, need to be especially mindful and compassionate during the (more...)

How To Negotiate Your Parenting Time Without Hurting Your Child

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One of the most frequent challenges with divorce is how to negotiate your parenting time without hurting your child.
Part of the problem is that the concept of shared parenting is relatively new. Many people who are getting divorced now, grew up with divorced parents and know what living in two homes is like from their own experience but, the parenting time they experienced is not the shared parenting that is more common today.
Another challenge is the language (more...)

LeToya Luckett Surprised With Wedding Proposal

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Destiny Child’s LeToya Luckett was genuinely surprised when her man proposed to her during his birthday celebration.
LeToya Luckett surprised her man with a birthday bash, but he turned it around and presented her with an engagement ring. The R&B singer’s brother caught the proposal on video, and she is speechless when entrepreneur Tommicus Walker gets on one knee to propose.  On the Instagram video, she didn’t utter the word, &(more...)