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Uncontested Divorce in PA:  Reliable Answers to 9 Most Important FAQs

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So you live in the state of Pennsylvania, and you’re ready to get a divorce. Conveniently enough, your spouse is ready to get a divorce as well. This bodes well for the divorce process, because now both you and your spouse may not be subjected to some of the common aspects of a divorce that make the overall process so emotionally draining.

Can I Get a Jury Trial for My North Carolina Divorce?

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“Can I get a jury trial for my North Carolina divorce?” That question comes up frequently and it’s especially common when one party doesn’t trust the assigned judge. One party might feel that a jury would be fair when a judge might not appreciate the situation.
But jury trials aren’t common in North Carolina divorces. They’re the exception, not the rule. They’re limited to very special circumstances (more...)

Child Custody Determination and Modification

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Legal Custody, physical custody, joint custody, primary custody, substantial change of circumstances.
You hear these terms all the time.  You know they are terms relating to child custody in North Carolina.
But what do they really mean, and how do they pertain to you and your child custody case?
Child Custody Generally
Take Don and Danielle.  They have been married for nine years and have two children ages seven and four.  Over the past three or (more...)

The Divorce School Releases 11 New Free Videos and Podcasts

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The Divorce School has just released another 11 new videos and podcasts for separated and divorced people who are seeking tips and information to help them deal with their divorce-related issues. From Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to high-net-worth divorce, from property division to dating after divorce, from children's issues to how the divorce process works – you'll find the information you need at Divorce School.

Sessions are only available until June 30, so time's running out for you to (more...)

Divorcing an Alcoholic or Drug Addict

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Divorce is never an easy time for families or their loved ones. When one partner is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the process can be even more difficult. This is especially true when the couple has children to consider. Drugs and alcohol put a strain on more than just their abuser; they hurt everyone around, and addicts almost always put their addiction above everything else. When divorce arises due to drug and alcohol abuse, it is important to take (more...)