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What Happens to My Estate Plan When I Divorce in Oklahoma?

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Many individuals neglect an important issue both during and after a divorce. If you and your spouse created an estate plan during your marriage, chances are you may not have the same wishes in your estate plan that you have now. 
Neglecting to consider your estate plan during your divorce and failing to update your estate plan after a divorce can have serious consequences for you and your family. We highly recommend consulting with a divorce attorney and (more...)

Can Pets Be Separate Property in a Divorce in Oklahoma?

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Under Oklahoma law, animals and family pets are still considered property during a divorce proceeding, and thus will be distributed as property under the equitable distribution doctrine. 
The necessity to determine how family pets are divided during divorce proceedings is evident in the number of people choosing to forgo having children, and instead, adopting “fur babies.”
Being able to anticipate how a court will likely divide your pets helps your divorce attorney better prepare you for (more...)

In Oklahoma, Do I Have a Say in Who Resides in My Ex’s House Where My Child Lives?

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One of the most difficult situations for a parent to be in is not having control over who your child is around or what kind of individuals are influencing your child’s development. Your child custody attorney can help you feel hopeful in explaining that you do have remedies if you feel your child is being harmed in any way, both physically and psychologically. 
Below we discuss factors judges consider when evaluating this type of situation, general (more...)

What Should I Ask During My First Family Law Attorney Consultation?

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It is not uncommon for many individuals to go into their first family law attorney consultation expecting the attorney to talk the entire time. This is actually the opposite of what happens. Typically, your first family law attorney consultation will entail you talking about your family history, assets and debts, children, and foreseeable issues in the case dealing with your soon to be ex-spouse.

The meeting ends and then you are left wondering, “How much time will (more...)

No, You’re Not Going Crazy! You’re Going Through a Divorce!

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There is no doubt that going through a divorce can be brutal, and anyone who has ever been through one will tell you that emotions can be so intense, you might feel like you are going crazy! But you’re not. Here are some things that can make someone going through a divorce feel unstable, along with why you’re not, and my advice.
• Change is happening-on every level of your life.
Divorce in its very (more...)

What Can I Do If I Disagree with Medical Decisions My Ex is Choosing for My Child in Oklahoma?

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Most child support and custody agreements will broadly address medical decisions. This can include: who pays for medical insurance, special medications, and medical care not covered by insurance. However, standard custody agreements typically do not include when to take your child to the doctor, approved doctors, sharing medical records, or notifying the other parent when your child has to see the doctor. 

It becomes especially important when your child has a medical condition to have an agreement in (more...)

Common Misconceptions in the Oklahoma Adoption Process

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You have probably seen a movie or heard a story from a friend that gave you false information about adoptions and the adoption process. However, without speaking to a family adoption attorney, you will not have an accurate view of the subject.

This is true information straight from an experienced family adoption attorney that seeks to empower your choice to adopt and reassure you about the process.
Adoptions are Always Closed
Previously, most adoptions were technically “closed.” (more...)

I Lost My Job, What if I Can’t Pay Child Support Anymore in Oklahoma?

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If you recently lost your job and are currently unemployed, it is understandable if you can’t pay child support right now. The Oklahoma family courts are not unreasonable, however if you just stop paying your child support payments without notifying the courts or the other parent, you could suffer serious consequences. 
First Step If You Can’t Pay Child Support 
If you discuss the situation with your spouse and tell (more...)

What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Your Child is Being Abused By the Other Parent?

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If you suspect your child is being abused by their other parent, you must collect sufficient evidence as soon as possible. However, because this is your child, collecting the evidence should be done in such a way that it does not harm your child’s well-being. 

Before You Start Collecting Evidence to Prove Your Child is Being Abused

If your child is with you and discloses they were abused or you notice signs of abuse on (more...)

How to Win Your Child Custody Case in Oklahoma

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Battling for child custody is one of the hardest situations you and your children will have to go through in your lives. However, there are options that allow the process to be easier and more successful. 
Hire Qualified Child Custody Attorney
The first, and most important step you must take is to hire a child custody attorney. What takes place in a courtroom and superior knowledge is not common to those not in the field of family law. (more...)