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A Guide To Minimizing Divorce Attorney’s Fees

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This is a guest post by divorce attorney, Beth F. McCormack, who offers advice on managing your divorce, thereby minimizing divorce attorney’s fees.
A Guide To Minimizing Divorce Attorney’s Fees
By Beth F. McCormack
Going through a divorce is one of the most painful and stressful times a person might go through in his or her life.  In addition to the emotional toll, the financial impact can be devastating.  A common client complaint (more...)

The Price for Peace

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{3:00 minutes to read}  Often, people come to divorce mediation under an incredible amount of stress. They know that to feel better, they need to end their marriage, and having a long, drawn-out fight is only going to prolong the stress and anxiety that are negatively impacting their health. In divorce mediation, participants make informed [...]

To Caucus or Not To Caucus

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{3:00 minutes to read} In mediation, a caucus is a private meeting between one of the parties and the mediator. This is routinely done in commercial mediations, with the mediator shuttling back and forth between the two, or more, litigants who usually have lawyers with them in the sessions. However, in divorce mediation it is not [...]

Affordable Mediation Is Growing As An Option To Expensive Divorce Court

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Divorce mediation is all about you and your soon-to-be-ex decided how your own divorce will go. It is also a growing methodology used to work through outstanding issues in a non-adversarial way to the two of you can end your marriage and amicably — and cost effective — as possible. The Top issues usually covered […]

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How Can My Spouse and I Avoid Going to Court When Filing for Divorce in Tulsa?

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Many couples do not realize that appearing in court and attending hearings is not necessary to obtain a divorce in Oklahoma. When a couple is amicable or has agreed to be cooperative in the divorce process, court can be avoided altogether. 
Couples that do choose to work together have the opportunity of taking part in two different processes Oklahoma offers. The first process is called the waiver divorce.  Couples are rewarded with a short divorce timeframe as (more...)

When You and Your Ex Should Get A Cell Phone for Your Teen

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Years of parenting has led to one inevitable event: the day your teenager asks for a cell phone. While this may not be a surprise, you and your ex must decide together whether getting your teen a phone protects their best interests. If one of you buys a phone without the other’s consent, it may create serious discord between you and your former partner.
There are a number of steps that you should take to decide with (more...)

Looking After Children in a High-Conflict Divorce

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How to best look after children in a high-conflict divorce
Divorce is never an easy situation to experience for any spouse and it’s even worse for the children involved. In the event of a high-conflict divorce, this situation becomes even more devastating for children who are usually left confused and torn between the two warring parents. From the emotional scars to being used as pawns in these situations, the effect of high conflict divorces on children can (more...)

50/50 Custody Versus Traditional Every Other Weekend Parenting Time

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When I was going through my divorce 11 years ago, I had the feeling that most divorced couples were still doing the traditional custody arrangement, where Mom has the kids during the week, and Dad gets them one night a week and every other weekend. Especially in the case where Mom was a stay-at-home mom. I have a feeling that 50/50 custody splits started to become more common a few years after I got divorced.
These days&(more...)

Who Gets the Family Home in a Tulsa Divorce?

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There are many factors Oklahoma courts consider in weighing how to award the family house in a divorce. The home is often the largest asset most families have and often the most sentimental.
It is not an easy decision for many judges to split up the family home if the spouses cannot agree. However it may be necessary if the parties are unable to come to an agreement.
Some factors include:
If either spouse moved out of the house

What Should I Ask a Tulsa Family Law Attorney During the Consultation?

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Beginning the divorce process is not easy. Most individuals have never experienced the family law system before, and navigating the court process can be overwhelming. Hiring a family law attorney helps prepare you for the process, helps protect your rights, and provides information and education on the process. 
The Importance of the Attorney-Client Relationship
Choosing a family law attorney is not a decision to take lightly. This professional will know intimate details of your relationship, your finances, and (more...)