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4 Questions That Will Take Your Life In A New Direction After Divorce

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Life is full of change.
Sometimes it’s a welcome change like getting married or having a baby.
Sometimes it’s not so welcome like being made redundant or getting divorced.
Sometimes it’s simply part of life when children leave home and you feel bereft and question your role in life.
Whatever the circumstances change is a shift in your life situation, and it is a journey that people react to differently.
It can be (more...)

How To Keep Your Marital Home With Your Ex After Divorce

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Typically, the marital home in divorce either gets sold or one spouse buys out the other spouse but these days we’re seeing more and more cases where this isn’t what people want. Couples are wanting to know how to keep your house with your ex after divorce.
What’s driving these conversations are rising interest rates making it difficult to refinance. Home prices are also going up making it impossible for both spouses to (more...)

Divorcing And Not Working? You Might Regret It

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If you’re divorcing and not working, you might regret it. Why?
Standard advice used to be not to go back to work as it would likely impact the alimony you’d receive and not just the amount but also the duration.
You’ll rarely hear that advice these days. Gone are the days of lifetime maintenance, and if you’re not working you’re at risk of being treated as voluntarily unemployed. That (more...)

How an Oklahoma Prenuptial Agreement Can Actually Help Couples Before Marriage

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Prenuptial agreements, also known as “prenups” and “antenuptial agreements,” have always received bad press and negative connotations. However, prenups have become more common in recent years, especially for second marriages, blended families, and individuals who are concerned about protecting a separate business, family gifts or inheritance. 
Antenuptial agreements are commonly believed to be a negative occurrence prior to marriage because they are predicated on the couple eventually divorces. This is a common misunderstanding that (more...)

Does Child Support Change When Child Custody Changes?

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When a child custody modification is ordered, most likely the parent that now has more custody time with the child will require additional child support to be paid to them each month by the other parent.
However, before we come to that conclusion, it is important to understand how your child support attorney will help you receive the financial support you need if you take on additional custodial responsibility of your child.
Modification Requirement
As with many motions that (more...)

Can Pets Be Separate Property in a Divorce in Oklahoma?

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Under Oklahoma law, animals and family pets are still considered property during a divorce proceeding, and thus will be distributed as property under the equitable distribution doctrine. 
The necessity to determine how family pets are divided during divorce proceedings is evident in the number of people choosing to forgo having children, and instead, adopting “fur babies.”
Being able to anticipate how a court will likely divide your pets helps your divorce attorney better prepare you for (more...)

What You Need (And Don’t Need) For Happiness After Divorce

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Happiness after divorce seems almost unimaginable while you’re going through one. It’s like you just can’t picture it. “What’s my life going to be like when the divorce is final and when all of this is settled? Happy isn’t a word most people choose for the answer to this question because all the unknowns they are facing seem daunting and challenging.
But in reality, I think most people (more...)

Tips for the early days of single parenting.

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Tips for the early days of single parenting
When you become a single parent there’s often quite a huge amount of change to cope with. You might be dealing with the reality of single parenting, having to move home, start earning for the first time in many years, or start the juggling challenges of co-parenting as you and your former partner adjust to your new situation.
The uncertainty can lead to all kinds of strong emotions. You (more...)

What Evidence Do You Need to Prove Your Child is Being Abused By the Other Parent?

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If you suspect your child is being abused by their other parent, you must collect sufficient evidence as soon as possible. However, because this is your child, collecting the evidence should be done in such a way that it does not harm your child’s well-being. 

Before You Start Collecting Evidence to Prove Your Child is Being Abused

If your child is with you and discloses they were abused or you notice signs of abuse on (more...)

How To Use Technology To Solve The Most Common Single Parenting Problems

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Juggling parenting and working can be challenging – doing that when your children are in two homes is even more challenging. Thankfully, this is one area where technology can solve the most common single parenting problems.
It’s common for one parent to take on most of the responsibility for coordinating their child’s schedule, activities, transportation logistics, play-dates, doctors’ appointments and so on. It’s easy for something to fall through the cracks.  (more...)