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Divorcing And Not Working? You Might Regret It

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If you’re divorcing and not working, you might regret it. Why?
Standard advice used to be not to go back to work as it would likely impact the alimony you’d receive and not just the amount but also the duration.
You’ll rarely hear that advice these days. Gone are the days of lifetime maintenance, and if you’re not working you’re at risk of being treated as voluntarily unemployed. That (more...)

What are the Consequences of Not Paying Child Support in Oklahoma?

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After a divorce or child custody order, one parent is deemed the custodial parent, and the other the non-custodial parent. The non-custodial parent must pay child support to the other parent if ordered to do so. 
Not paying child support obligations can have a huge impact on your life and severe consequences. If your spouse is not paying child support or you are ordered to court because you aren’t paying child support, it is a very (more...)

How Do I Prove the Other Parent’s Income Increase in an Oklahoma Child Support Modification?

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Rarely does an individual stay in the same station in life financially…especially over a significant amount of time. Promotions, new job offers and bonuses are common. When this happens child support should be reevaluated to make sure the child benefits from this increase through a child support modification. 
If you are reading this article, you may have recently noticed that your child is coming home from the other parent’s home with more gifts, shoes, (more...)

5 Investing Resources For Women

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You can read the complete article here.
Women’s Equality Day is Aug. 26., but many women are still being paid less than men.
The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) reports that women are paid 80.5 cents on the dollar compared to men. The inequality is even greater among Latinas and black women.
How does that add up? IWPR estimates (more...)

Wake County Forms

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Use this page to access all the Wake County forms you’ll need for filing your divorce. You’ll find resources for alimony, child custody, property, and general divorce concerns listed below.
Need help understanding how to best use and fill out these forms? Sign up for our DIY divorce service.
WAKE-CVD-01 Calendar Request
WAKE-CVD-02 Motion / Order to Continue
WAKE-CVD-05 Civil Submissions Coversheet
WAKE-DOM-06 Custody Mediation Cover Sheet (Rev. 2/10) (Word)
WAKE-DOM-18 Initial Pretrial Order (Equitable (more...)

Eight Common Compensation Issues In Divorce

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Compensation issues in divorce usually come up in discussions about spousal support or alimony, and child support. While child support can be pretty formulaic with well-established rules for addressing different compensation concerns, spousal support is much more variable and often is not as straightforward as simply taking a number off a pay stub.
Other compensation issues such as stock options and deferred compensation impact division of assets negotiations. These arrangements can be complex and confusing with even the recipient (more...)

Divorce Checklist – What To Do To Prepare for Your Divorce

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Divorce is a confusing and complicated process that can last longer than expected at times. While all that is required before filing for divorce is simply to be separated for one year from your spouse, there are numerous other things you will need to do to make sure you are protected. You will have to make difficult decisions in a short span of time. As such, here are some things you need to know or do to make this (more...)

Health Insurance Considerations In Your Divorce

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You need to consider several important points while your divorce proceeding is going on. Health insurance should definitely be high on your priority list. It is important to give proper health coverage particularly when you have kids from the marriage.
Obtain affordable health insurance coverage before your divorce is final
Contrary to what you may be feeling about divorce, it does change a lot of things in your life. However, one thing that will not change is that both (more...)

Divorce and the Affordable Care Act

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If you are the spouse covered on your employer’s plan, you won’t lose your health insurance coverage.  You will drop your soon to be ex-spouse when your divorce is finalized with the court since the divorce would be considered a life changing event.
If you have a plan directly from an insurance carrier, you would call them to make necessary changes when your Decree is final.
Since your household size will decrease because (more...)

Retirement Plan Division – The Details

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Marital Property
Simply put, any asset or liability that was acquired during the marriage is considered marital property, and must be shared by the parties upon the dissolution of the marriage. Everything will be divided, from bank accounts to time-shares and even frequent flier miles. Retirement accounts are also subject to division, sometimes even if the plan was started prior to the marriage. The following example illustrates how a retirement plan that was initiated before marriage would still be (more...)