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DivorceTown Mixer Exclusively for Divorce Service Providers

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016              6:00 – 9:00 pm
              Hudson Grille
6317 Roswell Road
Sandy Springs, GA  30328
(404) 554-8282
Located in the Marshall’s Shopping Center
Across from CVS
Wouldn’t it feel great to attend a networking event where everyone shared a common professional thread that could lead to more business for everyone&(more...)

Get Protected

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Labor Day is nearly upon us and that got me wondering about the history of this holiday. As you may be aware in the mid to late 1800’s many workers in our country labored under horrendous working conditions with little pay and little say about their deplorable, unsanitary, and unsafe conditions. Even children were forced to toil away in factories and mines at half the pay of adults. It wasn’t until the workers united and (more...)

How To Make Sure Your Ex Does Not Get Your Money When You Die

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Guest post by Sean Smallwood, Esq.
When couples make the decision to divorce, one of the legal issues they need to pay close attention to the estate planning. It sounds boring and tedious but ignore it at your peril. You want to be sure your ex does not get your money when you die.
You might think that your divorce decree is enough, that it would override previous beneficiary statements but in most situations, it does not necessarily cut (more...)

Will You Leave A Mess When You Die After Your Divorce?

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Most people think of their divorce as complete when the court issues the decree but there’s usually still work to be done in the transition from “we to me.” If you haven’t done these six things, you will leave a mess when you die. It’ll be a mess that you never intended and one that friends and family won’t thank you for and you wouldn’t want that, (more...)

What are my divorce options?

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Lisa invited top Atlanta Family and Estate Planning attorney, Steve Worrall, as her guest at the Divorce Way Café Show to give his legal insights on the different methods available and the pros and cons of each.  In addition, Steve shared some important information about post-divorce issues that you need to know when getting to the other side.

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Make Your Medical Wishes Known for National Healthcare Decisions Day

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Do you remember the Terry Schiavo case? Terry was a 26 year old woman who ended up in a vegetative state after suffering cardiac arrest. Her family spent tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees before she passed away fighting over what measures she would have wanted for herself had she known what was ahead of her.
Read below as guest contributor Steve Worrall shares how to have those “Tough Conversations” to take the pressure (more...)

3 Ways People Sabotage Their Divorce

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Rare is the divorce that’s completely without some sort of legal issue requiring mediation, which means that you need to take the approach that works best for your individual needs. Avoid the following trio of mistakes that can sabotage your divorce and result in serious repercussions for the rest of your life.
1. Adopting a Threatening Posture
Emotions run hot during many divorce proceedings, which is to be expected considering that the destruction of marriage usually involves (more...)

Divorce Concerns For Couples With High Net Worth

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Every divorce is different; no two cases are ever the same even though divorcing couples may face similar issues. The similar issues involve children; child support and custody; property division; and spousal support. But, high assets divorce cases necessitate even more careful review and representation for both parties. This article addresses an overview of some of the issues that should not be overlooked in a contested or uncontested case.
Special Concerns:
Child Support and Custody
Property Division
Business (more...)