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Lawyer Anna Ayscue Answers Your Unspoken Child Custody Questions

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One of the hardest aspects of divorce is getting you and your spouse to agree on how the lives of your children will be effected. When will you get to see them? Who gets to spend birthdays and holidays with them? How do you help them feel like a part of a family when everything is falling apart? Our attorney Anna Ayscue is here to take the case. Having been a member of our firm for years, she’(more...)

Art Projects You Can Do with Your Children for Father’s Day

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With Mother’s Day just finishing up, it’s time to turn your attention to Father’s Day. For those who are either single parents or recently divorced, these holidays can prove to be difficult.

Regardless of what your relationship with your ex may be, you’ve never wanted it to affect the upbringing of your child or how your child perceives their other parent. As such, Mother’s Day and Father&(more...)

What You Don’t Know About Divorcing As a Parent That Can Hurt Your Kids!

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Divorce catches kids in the middleJanuary is International Child-Centered Divorce Month – a time when divorce filings are highest: after the holidays at the start of the New Year.In recognition of ICCD Month, international Divorce Coach, author and trainer, Rosalind Sedacca, CDC, has gathered family-focused divorce professionals throughout world to give away complimentary ebooks, courses, videos, coaching services and other valuable tools to help parents: Make the best decisions regarding your children before, during and long after (more...)

Divorcing or Divorced Parents: Why January is such an important month for you!

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January is International Child-Centered Divorce MonthJoin experts in commemorating Child-Centered Divorce MonthIn the U.S. today nearly 4 out of 10 first marriages end in divorce. Even more significant, 60% of divorcing couples have children, resulting in more than one million kids each year experiencing the divorce of their parents.The consequence of parental divorce takes its toll on everyone in the family. An estimated 25 million children (36%) live apart from their biological father with about 26% of (more...)

Holiday Coping Tips For Divorced Parents Who Are Apart From Their Children

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CDCOne of the saddest consequences of divorce for parents is the alone-time when your children are visiting their other parent. While short-term periods when the kids are away can be a welcome respite for an overscheduled single parent, that’s not always the case. For many parents the intervals between seeing the children can be long and lonely. This is especially so during the holiday season which can become a particularly challenging time – made (more...)

Parents: Give Children of Divorce Special Holiday Attention

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CDCFor divorcing and divorced parents the holiday season can be especially stressful, pressure-filled and overwhelming. But you’re not alone. For children facing their parents’ divorce or who are experiencing their first holiday season post-divorce, this can be an especially tough time of year.For that reason all parents and extended family members who want to protect children caught in the consequences of a divorce, need to be especially mindful and compassionate during the (more...)

Lessons About Celebrity Divorces & Co-Parenting!

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CDCIn today’s world Hollywood celebrities are major role models in our culture, especially to the younger generation. For that reason I keep an eye on the movie-star set to see what they’re doing in their relationships. It always makes for great conversation within the Child-Centered Divorce community.Too often the examples we see are poor ones. So many celebrity relationships end in ugly divorces and child-custody suits. Happily, however, there are some (more...)

Divorced Parents: When You Make Co-Parenting Mistakes, Step Up & Make It Right!

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Anger-Conflict Programs for Co-Parenting & Other Life ChallengesBy Rosalind Sedacca, CDCDivorce drives some people crazy. Because of that, they make many poor decisions. Their judgment, integrity and credibility are easy to question. Their decisions regarding taking responsibility for their children come under scrutiny.There is much we can all learn from these mistakes. And wisdom we can take away that is important for all of us to remember: It’s never too late to get it right – (more...)

January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month With No-Cost Gifts, Services & Resources for Parents

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CLCJanuary is International Child-Centered Divorce Month. The entire month is dedicated to helping parents minimize the negative effects of divorce on children – by educating them and providing the tools and resources they need to support their kids during and long after their divorce.Throughout January divorce attorneys, mediators, therapists, financial planners, coaches, parenting experts and other professionals around the world will be providing complimentary gifts offering advice and insights to help parents best cope with (more...)

New Year … New Divorce Challenges. Are You Protecting Your Children?

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CCTStatistics bear it out. Every January the number of couples filing for divorce rises dramatically. And while the divorce rate has gone down the past few years, because of the economy, January is still the month with the highest divorce rate. When you think about it, the reason comes as no surprise. Many couples considering splitting decide to wait until after the holidays to break the news to their children. Others wait to take advantage of (more...)