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How to Cope With Divorce And The Threat Of Suicide

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The risk of suicide increases significantly with divorce. Knowing how to respond if you, your STBX or your child becomes suicidal is critical.
How do you know when to take a suicide threat seriously?
Should you put the divorce on hold or promise not to divorce?
Is it your fault if your STBX ends their life?
As a divorce coach, I worked with a few clients whose STBX has chosen to end their life during the divorce process. It&(more...)

When Going Through a Divorce, Take Care of Your Health!

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{2:18 minutes to read} Going through a separation or divorce can be incredibly stressful. People often find that in the coming days and weeks, they have more time on their hands that perhaps they didn’t before. The time that may have been spent with their spouse or children.
When deciding how to fill this time, don’t forget to take care of you. Surround yourself with people who can support you and in whom you (more...)

Top 4 Personal Things to Do After Getting Divorced

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By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.
While sustaining some relationships can be a tough job, you should also remember that the relationship, which you share with your own self is the most precious one. It has been often noticed that there are many who dive into a new relationship immediately after getting their divorce. However, there are many others who feel hesitant to take such a quick plunge as their feelings and emotions are yet to get healed. Plus, the (more...)

Understanding The Emotional Impact of Divorce

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Divorce happens due to a number of reasons, like lack of intimacy, infidelity and abuse. It generally occurs in multiple stages, what relationship experts term “divorce cascade”. A marriage about to end is peppered with rising conflict. Communication between the couple reaches disastrous levels before  the marriage reaches a flaming end.
Most divorces result in couples living a better life afterward. This could result in considerable adjustments. It is quite common for divorced individuals to experience (more...)

5 Lifesaving Tips For Empaths Going Through Divorce

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Contribution from freelance writer Jackie Edwards
Life as an empath is difficult. Not only do you experience your own emotions, but you also tend to take on others’ emotions as your own. This can become particularly hard to handle when you are going through a divorce. You experience the hurt of your ex-spouse as well as family members. Many of the standard tips for dealing with life after divorce that are covered in this blog can (more...)

Smart Divorce: Table of Contents

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Welcome. IIIQuestions to Ask Your Lawyer VWhat are your practice areas and credentials? VAre you trained in alternative forms of dispute resolution? VCan you tell me, in advance, how much this divorce is going to cost and will you guarantee that price? VHow many cases do you handle at one time? VICan I Count On You? VIIOur Promises to You VIIPromise One: We treat you like a person not a case number. VIIPromise Two: (more...)

Brad Pitt Cleans Up His Act After His Divorce

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It’s never too late to change, but for Brad Pitt it came after his wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce.
For the first time since the Brangelina divorce, Brad Pitt opened up to GQ Magazine about life after divorce and why he’s now sober. He’s honest about his issue that led to the turmoil that involved Child Services.  “I was boozing too much. It just become a problem, he told (more...)

Life After Divorce For Women: How To Get Your Life Into Balance?

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There is nothing like a divorce to throw a woman into what I call the ‘Imbalanced Life Syndrome’ It’s like the rug got pulled out from under you. You feel like you are walking on shaky ground… And this usually goes hand in hand with low self esteem, confusion and feeling overwhelmed. One day you […]

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Happy Halloween!  I love this time of year – watching the leaves change, hearing the crackle of leaves under my feet, and eagerly awaiting Halloween night for the children out trick or treating.
There’s something kind of crazy about watching a spooky, scary movie or attending a “haunted house” that many of us enjoy.  Maybe it’s the build-up and anticipation of things we know are coming though we’re never (more...)

Seeking Support Is a Sign of Strength

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September is one of my favorite months of the year because it means cooler weather is on its way. With Georgia having had nearly 90 days of temperatures above 90 degrees, I for one am ready for a change!
The changing of seasons is always a reminder to me of the ebb and flow of life because just as I’ve had enough of the pleasures and the pains that each season brings, another is waiting around the (more...)