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How To Befriend Your Ex-Spouse After Divorce

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A divorce isn’t always the ‘be all and end all’ of a relationship. A relationship can be defined in many different ways. A divorce ends a legal marriage. It takes a little time to get over the relationship. But you wouldn’t always want to cut contact with the person you married. Sometimes you still want to remain in touch. Your partner has been a big part of your life and you don’(more...)

Reasons Why Some Women Are Happier After They Get Divorced

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When the Kingston University conducted a study for analyzing whether women had a negative effect after divorce or not, the result was quite surprising. About ten thousand people were surveyed as a part of this research and the respondents were in the age group f 16 to 60. The respondents were asked during the survey to rate how they felt before their divorce and after the divorce got finalized,
The researchers found out during the course of two decades (more...)

Top Myths About California Premarital Agreements

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One of the most important things couples need to discuss before getting married is whether they should opt for a premarital or prenuptial agreement (prenup). Almost everyone around you will have some views or the other regarding prenups. Prenups have often been misunderstood and many believe that it means something bad, potentially encouraging or mentally preparing for a divorce before a couple is even married. Below is a list of prenup myths that have been debunked and you’(more...)

What Should Mothers Do When They Lose Custodial Fights?

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For a parent, there is no greater loss after a divorce than losing custodial rights of their children. There are many grounds on which a court in California can award custodial rights to a father. Substance addiction, abuse and neglect are the topmost reasons and also, mothers who are not financially stable can find themselves on the losing end.
So, what should mothers do when they lose custodial battles? Completely losing custody of one’s children can have (more...)

6 Ways To Keep Your Divorce Out Of The Courtroom

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Most people want to keep their divorce out of the courtroom. They hope their spouse will agree their marriage is over and then they can discuss the parenting and finances as reasonable people who once loved each other. Few of us relish even the thought of the nastiness and expense of a litigated divorce and no wants the long, drawn out negotiations that keep you locked in a state of limbo for months on end.
Realistically, a litigated divorce (more...)

What Mediation Can Do For You with Attorney Lindsay Willis

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Not all divorces are equal, as much as we’d like them to be. Sometimes spouses or parents can have a tough time of agreeing upon what is fair in a settlement. When that happens, we bring in a mediator to help spouses make decisions. Mediators are an excellent resource for families that just can’t seem to work it out on their own but don’t want to end up fighting in court. Recently, Lindsay (more...)

Not All Mediation Techniques Were Created Equal

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“Mediation?” asked Bobby as Molly, his wife of 21-years, cleared the table. “What exactly is ‘mediation‘? Molly silently shrugged. She wasn’t sure. She had heard the term tossed around at the Honda dealership where she worked. “Something about settling disagreements without going to court,” she said, almost to herself. Molly was partly right. Mediation is […]

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The Benefits of Continuing Therapy After Divorce

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Studies claim that several people are highly benefitted after attending post divorce counseling. In fact, many of them have even gone to the extent of admitting that such sessions were the best thing to happen to them after their divorce got finalized.
All those people who signed their divorce papers and want to resume their daily and routine activities should go through post divorce counseling. Such sessions are even more beneficial when there are kids in the marriage. After (more...)

Epstein Credits and How They Can Affect Your Divorce

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Epstein credits come up often in California divorce proceedings and as such it pays to know a bit about it. Spouses often learn about these from their lawyers and it is often a contested issue.
Epstein Credit
The term Epstein credit originated from the Marriage of Epstein case. This 1979 case is a published California case. The Epstein credits initially partially became a part of the California Family Code, section 2626. The code states, “The court has jurisdiction (more...)

Is Spousal Support Like a Source Of Income In Divorce?

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It often happens that during a marriage the wife sacrifices her career to become a homemaker. In some cases, the husband also sacrifices big career choices for the family. But after a divorce such individuals find it hard to get back into the workforce. Spousal support does exist for the partner who is less well-off than the other partner but can it be a source of income?
Spousal support is a type of financial assistance that is provided to (more...)