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Wake County Forms

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Use this page to access all the Wake County forms you’ll need for filing your divorce. You’ll find resources for alimony, child custody, property, and general divorce concerns listed below.
Need help understanding how to best use and fill out these forms? Sign up for our DIY divorce service.
WAKE-CVD-01 Calendar Request
WAKE-CVD-02 Motion / Order to Continue
WAKE-CVD-05 Civil Submissions Coversheet
WAKE-DOM-06 Custody Mediation Cover Sheet (Rev. 2/10) (Word)
WAKE-DOM-18 Initial Pretrial Order (Equitable (more...)

Post-Divorce Mediation

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{4:54 minutes to read}  Couples who hire a divorce mediator, work toward a marital settlement agreement that addresses everything from parenting to real estate to retirement assets, and everything in between. Since divorce mediation is a forward thinking process, these agreements should contain a plan for the future, in particular for couples who have children. [...]

Lawyer Anna Ayscue Answers Your Unspoken Child Custody Questions

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One of the hardest aspects of divorce is getting you and your spouse to agree on how the lives of your children will be effected. When will you get to see them? Who gets to spend birthdays and holidays with them? How do you help them feel like a part of a family when everything is falling apart? Our attorney Anna Ayscue is here to take the case. Having been a member of our firm for years, she’(more...)

How To Calm Anger In Divorce

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Regardless of how civil or amicable you want your divorce to be, disagreements are inevitable. Knowing how to calm anger in divorce could be your key to resolving these disagreements and staying out of the courtroom.
When you’re negotiating over the division of assets and how to parent together, and the hurt and pain are fresh and raw, it’s hard to approach this simply as a business negotiation. It’s easy to let all (more...)

How to Cut Down on Divorce Costs

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Ways to Make Divorce Cheaper
From the emotional to the financial costs, getting a divorce is hardly ever a cheap process. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a Lawyer to represent you, there are fees and costs you’ll be required to incur and depending on the circumstances and length of negotiations, these associated costs have a way of blowing out of proportion and taking a toll on your pockets.
If you’re interested (more...)

6 Ways To Keep Your Divorce Out Of The Courtroom

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Most people want to keep their divorce out of the courtroom. They hope their spouse will agree their marriage is over and then they can discuss the parenting and finances as reasonable people who once loved each other. Few of us relish even the thought of the nastiness and expense of a litigated divorce and no wants the long, drawn out negotiations that keep you locked in a state of limbo for months on end.
Realistically, a litigated divorce (more...)

What Mediation Can Do For You with Attorney Lindsay Willis

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Not all divorces are equal, as much as we’d like them to be. Sometimes spouses or parents can have a tough time of agreeing upon what is fair in a settlement. When that happens, we bring in a mediator to help spouses make decisions. Mediators are an excellent resource for families that just can’t seem to work it out on their own but don’t want to end up fighting in court. Recently, Lindsay (more...)

Not All Mediation Techniques Were Created Equal

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“Mediation?” asked Bobby as Molly, his wife of 21-years, cleared the table. “What exactly is ‘mediation‘? Molly silently shrugged. She wasn’t sure. She had heard the term tossed around at the Honda dealership where she worked. “Something about settling disagreements without going to court,” she said, almost to herself. Molly was partly right. Mediation is […]

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Confessions of a Divorce Marketer

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As co-founder and director of marketing and client experience for Main Line Family Law Center, I have the unique and wonderful job of nurturing potential clients toward peaceful resolution of their divorce through private mediation and divorce without court. I also have the pleasure of meeting with former clients to learn from them about their experience and how we can improve.


What Divorce Mediation Costs and Creative Ways to Pay for It

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Maybe you are planning a divorce and have done some research on costs.  Then you might already know that hiring lawyers to represent of you separately can cost $10,000 each, depending on your situation and the firm you choose.  That's just the retainer - before they do any work for you.