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Lawyer Anna Ayscue Answers Your Unspoken Child Custody Questions

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One of the hardest aspects of divorce is getting you and your spouse to agree on how the lives of your children will be effected. When will you get to see them? Who gets to spend birthdays and holidays with them? How do you help them feel like a part of a family when everything is falling apart? Our attorney Anna Ayscue is here to take the case. Having been a member of our firm for years, she’(more...)

How I Stopped Sleeping with the Lights On and QVC Shopping at 3 A.M.

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Ok, I admit it. I was a total chicken when I left my 27-year marriage to find my own way, I had gotten married right from my parents’ house in my 20’s, and never even had my own apartment! There I was, all alone, left to deal with strange sounds at midnight, eating by myself, and having no one to share my thoughts.


Are Your Kids Paying The Price For Your Difficult Divorce? How Not To Sabotage Your Divorce For the Sake of the Kids!

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Parents Fighting Around Kids After DivorceBy Rosalind Sedacca, CDCMost people believe belive that it’s divorce itself that scars children. But the real truth is HOW PARENTS HANDLE THE DIVORCE IS WHAT DOES THE MOST DAMAGE! Know that, I faced a lot of skepticism, from both the media and from parents, when I started my work as Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network. There were gender battles between mothers and fathers – each side accusing the (more...)

How To Calm Anger In Divorce

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Regardless of how civil or amicable you want your divorce to be, disagreements are inevitable. Knowing how to calm anger in divorce could be your key to resolving these disagreements and staying out of the courtroom.
When you’re negotiating over the division of assets and how to parent together, and the hurt and pain are fresh and raw, it’s hard to approach this simply as a business negotiation. It’s easy to let all (more...)

Home May Not Always Be Where the Heart Is – At Least Temporarily

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You might not think of me as someone people turn to for divorce advice, but you’d be surprised what I hear as a resident representative for AVE communities.

Why YOU – Not A Divorce Judge – Should Resolve Child Custody Disputes!

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CDCJudges and others in the divorce judicial system mean well. However, they are burdened with too many cases to unravel the complexities involved for each family. That leads to serious complications, injustice and errors. Consequently it is wise to do everything you can to stay out of court when settling child custody issues and disputes.Based on speaking to many family law attorneys I believe that situations work out best, long-term, when decisions are made by (more...)

What Mediation Can Do For You with Attorney Lindsay Willis

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Not all divorces are equal, as much as we’d like them to be. Sometimes spouses or parents can have a tough time of agreeing upon what is fair in a settlement. When that happens, we bring in a mediator to help spouses make decisions. Mediators are an excellent resource for families that just can’t seem to work it out on their own but don’t want to end up fighting in court. Recently, Lindsay (more...)

Shared Parenting v. Equal Parenting: 5 Ways the New Laws Will Hurt Kids

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Guest Post by Karen CoveyChildren affected by Divorce The story is all too familiar. The kids stand on the front steps, consumed by sadness. They watch their father walk toward the car. Silent tears roll down their cheeks while their dad gets in the car and drives away. As soon as he’s out of view, he chokes up and pulls over. He doesn’t want to lose his kids. But shared parenting seems like an impossible (more...)

How To Be Financially Stable And Secure After Divorce

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Divorce rocks a person’s financial stability and security like no other life event. Even if you saw it coming, you may not have made all the steps needed to go from two incomes to one. Settlements are messy and are messier if you have children. Usually, one parent pays child support and that can be a hardship. But child support often doesn’t make up for sharing all of the household expense and debt so the (more...)

Confessions of a Divorce Marketer

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As co-founder and director of marketing and client experience for Main Line Family Law Center, I have the unique and wonderful job of nurturing potential clients toward peaceful resolution of their divorce through private mediation and divorce without court. I also have the pleasure of meeting with former clients to learn from them about their experience and how we can improve.