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Getting Married? How a Prenuptial Agreement Can Benefit Both of You!

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{3:00 minutes to read} The Equitable Distribution Law has a specific provision that allows couples to enter into an agreement, both before (Prenuptial) and after (Postnuptial) a marriage. In addition to making a provision for the distribution of assets and liabilities in the event of a divorce, these agreements allow a couple to make testamentary [...]

The Divorce School Releases 11 New Free Videos and Podcasts

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The Divorce School has just released another 11 new videos and podcasts for separated and divorced people who are seeking tips and information to help them deal with their divorce-related issues. From Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to high-net-worth divorce, from property division to dating after divorce, from children's issues to how the divorce process works – you'll find the information you need at Divorce School.

Sessions are only available until June 30, so time's running out for you to (more...)

The Importance of Acquiring a Financial Order

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When it comes to divorce, the main misconception is that when a couple separates, their shared financial arrangements then come to an end. But this is not true. However, when a divorce is eventually finalized – also known as a Decree Absolute – there are no changes made to the financial arrangements. 
A recent case brought financial orders in divorce into the limelight, proving just how important a financial order in a divorce really is. As reported heavily (more...)