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The Brutal Pain Of Divorce And 7 Reasons You Should Never Give Up On Happiness

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I cannot describe how heartbreaking I feel when I read comments on Divorced Girl Smiling like this one, that unveil the brutal pain of divorce:
How do you shake the “never want to wake up” feeling? I’m so miserable. Every single day is pain and I just want to give up.
Before I offer my advice for those feeling the brutal pain of divorce and why you should never give up on being (more...)

5 Reasons Why Bad Marriages are Worse for Kids Than Divorce

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Staying together for the kids. Is this a selfless gesture that puts your children first, or is it more damaging to your child’s psyche than if you were to separate? Here’s a piece of divorce advice: staying together for the children isn’t always noble.Your marriage is the first example of love and partnership that your kids see, and how you treat your partner plays an important role in how your child views (more...)

Five Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney

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Not all legal cases require an attorney, such those in small claims court or when
one’s fighting a seatbelt ticket. However, there are numerous situations in which
an attorney is absolutely necessary. Cases that involve divorce, child custody,
misdemeanors or felonies require experience and advice that only attorneys can

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire an attorney. My partner, Jake
Gilbreath, and I understand the necessity of legal guidance – so much so that we