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Want To Save Your Marriage? Consider A Post-Nup

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If you’re trying to save your marriage then a post-nup could be exactly what you need. The communication that goes into creating a post-nuptial agreement has the potential to create meaningful and lasting change to your relationship. And if that change doesn’t last, then having an agreement could certainly make divorce easier.
Tom Gardiner is a Chicago-based attorney and author of The Post-Nup Solution: How To Save A Marriage In Crisis-or End It Fairly (available (more...)

How A Divorce Can Encourage Spiritual Growth

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Contribution from freelance writer, Jackie Edwards
Following a divorce, it may feel like a part of you is missing and this is one reason why a divorce can encourage spiritual growth. We form such deep relationships with our partners that it often feels like they are a part of us. In truth, you are your own person and your identity is not tied to your relationship. Divorce is associated with depression, so it is important that you work (more...)

Annulment As An Alternative To Divorce

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Marriage annulment is a fairly misunderstood concept owing to the inaccurate projection of its legality by the popular religion and culture. Both annulment and divorce can be considered somewhat similar in their basic underlying principle of determining the status of wedlock. However, the major distinguishing factor that separates an annulment from a divorce is the implication of the marital status post a verdict in the court of law in the two cases.
What is the difference between a divorce (more...)

What Is An Annulment Of A Marriage?

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Annulment and divorce both mean the end of a marriage but an annulment suggests that the marriage never took place. Some people do not like the sound of the word ‘divorce’ (it carries a kind of a social or religious stigma for them). Instead, they prefer to annul their marriage. In certain churches, remarriage after an annulment is a lot easier than after a divorce.
Most annulled marriages are of a very short duration. The couple may (more...)

Unchained at Last: Fraidy Reiss Helps Women Escape Forced and Arranged Marriages

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Most of us dream of finding someone special to share our lives. Your partner should be someone you can trust and count on for support. He should be someone you choose. Fraidy Reiss and thousands of other women in North America are coerced into taking their vows. A forced marriage is a form of domestic abuse. Some women end up trapped in a union with a controlling or abusive man. If they do leave, they are shunned by (more...)

Truths Behind Child Support Myths

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Truths Behind Child Support MythsTue, 07/05/2016 - 16:00 Child support is a topic that many parents are familiar with on some level. However, a number of myths surround this topic, and some of what people think to be fact might actually be inaccurate. As someone who makes or receives child support payments, you should comb through the myths and get to know the true facts. This will help you to gain a better understanding (more...)

Does Having Multiple Sex Partners Before Marriage Lead to Divorce?

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As premarital sex has become more accepted among men and women in North America, the likelihood of a man or woman having multiple partners before settling down has increased. While the rate of divorce has increased at the same time, it is unlikely the effect of the growing trend, according to new research from the University of Utah.
By exploring and comparing five-year divorce rates and the number of sexual partners women had before marriage, Nicholas H. Wolfinger &(more...)