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A Guide To Starting A College Fund For Your Child Even Without The Help of Your Ex

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Nearly one-third of all households in New Jersey are headed by a single parent. Some receive support from their former partner, but a substantial number of single parents live on their own income. Frequently, a non-custodial parent is unable to contribute alimony or child support for a number of reasons.
This puts a lot of pressure on the custodial single-parent to provide for their children financially and give the children what they need. Money for college is no exception.

Is An Uncontested Divorce Possible For You?

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The Basics of Uncontested Divorce
An uncontested divorce is one where all of the issues are settled without litigation by attorneys. It requires a couple to agree on all the important points, such as alimony, child custody, and how to divide their property. This is typically the best-case scenario because the divorce will be over quicker, and legal fees will be lower with less for lawyers to do in court.
A contested divorce is the opposite. Strong disagreements between (more...)

Divorce Without Damage – Your Parenting Plan

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Your Parenting Plan
This is an example of the sort of basic parenting plan that I help the parents I work with to create, as they go through the transition of divorce.
It will help you think through the numerous issues related to co parenting your children from now on – it is designed to get the conversations started ( without anger or misunderstanding) and of course it should be flexible as your children mature, grow up and become more (more...)

Four Personal Finance Basics Not Taught in School

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As our children go back to school, those going through a divorce have discovered that some things just are not taught in the K – 12. For instance, we were never taught the basics of personal finance in school. We had more years of high school and preparatory college math, which we may rarely need, than any financial literacy or education. Many of us have learned by trial and error.
During a divorce, we’re suddenly forced to (more...)

How To Get To Grips With Your Finances After Divorce

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Many things change with the end of a marriage and one thing’s for sure: you have to get to grips with your finances.
Credit card bills, household expenses, bank charges, kid expenses, mortgage refinancing, retirement asset transfers … divorce often means having to deal with all of these all at once. It can feel like a deluge and if you haven’t been managing the household finances, it can be overwhelming.
Add to that the emotions (more...)

5 Investing Resources For Women

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You can read the complete article here.
Women’s Equality Day is Aug. 26., but many women are still being paid less than men.
The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) reports that women are paid 80.5 cents on the dollar compared to men. The inequality is even greater among Latinas and black women.
How does that add up? IWPR estimates (more...)

How To Pick Your Divorce Battles

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It came down to three things, all of which seem so silly right now: a nice car, new furniture, and when to drop off the dogs on the weekend. These things were my lines in the sand—what I had chosen to fight over during my divorce. I hadn’t learned then that you have to pick your divorce battles. Most people going through a split haven’t
When we are fighting during divorce, we (more...)

5 Effective Ways To Reduce Stress In A New Relationship

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No new relationship is perfect. You are bound to experience some periods of stress after a divorce no matter how much you’re motivated to move on to bigger and better things. Learning how to manage and ultimately reduce the level of stress in a new relationship is a crucial skill that every divorcee needs to practice.
As far as stress in relationships goes, here are some ideas you may want to test to help you reduce the (more...)

The Increase In Gray Divorce And How It Could Hurt You

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The overall divorce rate in the U.S. might be declining but the rate for midlife divorce is increasing. So what’s causing the increase in gray divorce and how could it hurt you?
My guest for this latest Conversations About Divorce is Jocelyn Elise Crowley, author of Gray Divorce: What We Lose And Gain From Mid-Life Splits. Jocelyn and I chat about what’s driving the increase in mid-life divorce, the social penalty that men experience (more...)

How To Be Financially Stable And Secure After Divorce

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Divorce rocks a person’s financial stability and security like no other life event. Even if you saw it coming, you may not have made all the steps needed to go from two incomes to one. Settlements are messy and are messier if you have children. Usually, one parent pays child support and that can be a hardship. But child support often doesn’t make up for sharing all of the household expense and debt so the (more...)