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What To Consider When Deciding Between Separation And Divorce

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By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.
When you are considering whether to end your marriage or not, you may be in a dilemma. You are uncertain about whether to legally separate from your spouse or whether you want to file for a divorce. Here are some of the things to consider while contemplating between divorce and separation.
Separation does not terminate a marriage but divorce does
You should consider your marriage as a partnership where both the partners share their (more...)

How to Understand a Business Valuation in Your Divorce

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Your wife is a very successful dermatologist. She owns a practice with 3 other doctors. Your family lived the life of their dreams until your wife cheated with your neighbor and told you she was leaving you.
You don’t earn nearly the income she does. Her career came first and yours always took a backseat.  You are counting on receiving money from her business to assist you financially until you can (more...)

Does Adultery Have An Impact On A California Divorce Case Today?

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Are you wondering whether cheating can have an impact on your divorce case or not? If that is the case, here is all that you should know about adultery.  A marriage can end when one of the spouses discovers that the other is having an adulterous relationship. But what importance does an extra-marital relationship has on the continuity of a marriage or in a divorce? The answer to this question may vary from country to country and from (more...)

Achieving Your Best Outcome

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Now that you have worked through the issues of property, alimony, custody, and child support, the last step you need to take to finish this process is to actually finalize your divorce. Ironically, the absolute divorce is generally the easiest and simplest element of a divorce—it is, basically, the official and public statement that the two of you no longer wish to be married. From a legal perspective, it is important that you take this final step; (more...)

4 Flaws With The Child Support System

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By definition, child support is “an ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child following the end of a marriage or other relationship.”
In an ideal world, a child support order would ensure that the child receives adequate financial support from both parents to aid his or her upbringing.
Unfortunately, the modern child support system, which covers about a quarter of children in the United States, is critically flawed and in (more...)

6 Ways Pets Can Help Your Family Cope With Divorce!

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By Rosalind Sedacca, CDC
Pets can be a helpful resource for you and your children when handling the challenges of divorce. If your family has one or more pets, let your children have access to them as much as they desire. There is a great emotional benefit to kids dung times of insecurity — and your children are fortunate that the pets they love can still be in their lives.
If you don’t already have a pet, (more...)

We’re OK With Same-Sex Marriage, But Kind of Over Divorce

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Toddlers & Preschoolers›Everything KidsAccording to a new poll, Americans are more accepting of gay relationships and couples living together before marriage, but less comfortable with divorce.
[embed:render:node:94223:left:width_360]What a difference a decade can make!

Over the last few years, Americans have gotten more and more liberal when it comes to social change—unless that change happens to be divorce.

These findings come via an analysis of the National Center (more...)

Low Conflict Marriage, Low Conflict Divorce

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When future Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmers struggled with the game, Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver asked him: “Are you going to get any better, or is this it?” Millions of husbands and wives struggle with that question in connection with their marriages. Secretly troubled that something in their marriage does not work, they fear it is not going to get any better and that this is as good as it gets. Sad more than miserable, (more...)

Wanted: A Spouse Willing to Suffer

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Future husband wanted: A man who is compelled to live out the gospel in marriage through a willingness to embrace suffering.

You’ve probably heard of people creating a list of qualities they search for in a potential spouse. Kind, smart, funny, and attractive are characteristics people often rank at the top of their non-negotiables. But these lists usually miss one of the most important qualities in the life of one who follows God: a willingness to embrace (more...)

Does Having Multiple Sex Partners Before Marriage Lead to Divorce?

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As premarital sex has become more accepted among men and women in North America, the likelihood of a man or woman having multiple partners before settling down has increased. While the rate of divorce has increased at the same time, it is unlikely the effect of the growing trend, according to new research from the University of Utah.
By exploring and comparing five-year divorce rates and the number of sexual partners women had before marriage, Nicholas H. Wolfinger &(more...)