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Understanding The Stepfamily Cycle.

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Blended Families
The Stepfamily Cycle
I have been working with a lovely family who are finding it hard to adjust to the changes that blending two families together brings.
I always remind my clients that bringing together 2 separate families is a process and not an event, and it takes time and flexibility on everyone’s behalf to settle into new family relationships.
It’s about managing your expectations and keeping the lines of communication open.

A Nation Of Stepfamilies

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Statistics are Staggering: The majority of families have shifted from the original biologically bonded mother, father and child. We are now a nation in which the majority of families are divorced. Most go on to remarry or form living together relationships. We are a nation of step-relating families.These families take a multitude of forms:● Divorced with children; the children reside with one parent and visit the other. Most are dating or looking for new partners.● Remarried, (more...)

The Dynamics Of The Step Family

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​I. The Stepfamily Cannot and Will Not Function as Does a Biological FamilyThe stepfamily has its own specific dynamics and behaviors.Since we know no other there is a tendency to overlay the expectations and dynamics of the biological family on to the new stepfamily.II. There is No Replacing the Biological ParentIn the stepfamily we cannot reconstitute the biological family. Mother and father are hallowed words and are determined by biological connections. A child often almost (more...)

What Makes a Step Relationship?

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What Makes a Step Relationship?by Dr. Jeannette Lofas "Step" relationships occur after the divorce of a couple or the death of a spouse and when there are children from the prior relationship. Heterosexual couple or homosexual couple, married or living together, when children from a prior relationship are involved you've got a step relationship on your hands. And that means you have to work harder to make your relationship with your new partner a success.The American (more...)

4 Events Every Step-family Should Know About

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Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday gatherings can be a difficult time for members of step-families because, as they are currently celebrated, they are designed to bring biological family members - and mutually agreed upon friends - together. The step-family is somewhat fragmented; causing the very holiday designed to foster closeness to cause a further divide among it's members. Step-families could benefit from participating in events that cause them to connect as a unit. The following "holidays'" may aid (more...)