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Before You File For Divorce, Follow These 3 Divorce Tips

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January kicks off the divorce season so before you decide to file, here are a few tips to follow before going through with that decision.

John Slowiaczek, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers suggest these three steps before starting divorce proceedings.

1. Never file out of anger.
2. “Be courteous and respectful. The Key is to avoid escalation.”
3. Figure out the finances before you divorce.

Watch the above video for an explanation of these three tips.

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Father’s Day Tips for Divorced Dads and Moms

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Father’s Day can be a difficult holiday for single parents – especially when it’s the first time that your children will celebrating without their parents together.
Whether you’re a divorced father hoping to make Father’s Day special for your kids or a father who will be spending the day alone – perhaps still fighting for custody or visitation rights – our expert bloggers will help you understand what steps you need (more...)