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It is with great honor that we have just published our Ezine’s 100th issue!  Back in 2008, when Divorce Line began, I could not have known the impact this newsletter would have on so many people’s lives.  Thank you to our loyal subscribers over all these years.

There is much I have learned since our humble beginnings many years ago.  Here are a few observations and lessons I’ve found along the way:

  1. Gratitude can help get you through any challenge in life. The more you focus on the blessings you have (big and small), the more you will get of them.
  2. When faced with a challenge in life – reach out for help early on, assess your options, implement a plan of action, and then ACT upon those plans.
  3. Don’t procrastinate on important life matters! Putting things off causes more drama, trauma and dollars lost in your life. Deal with things as early as possible, or deal with the consequences of them.
  4. You get what you tolerate in life. Set clear expectations and firm boundaries to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones.
  5. Things are not always what they seem and the devil truly is in the details. The simplest of matters may have underlying issues that can be costlier to your health and wealth if not dealt with promptly and properly. Seek appropriate and sound advice.
  6. The more money your family makes, the more you should invest or save for retirement. Too many people spend as fast as they earn and have far less net worth than they should in their later years, especially the highest wage earners. What comes now, may not always continue to.
  7. Sometimes you must fight fire with fire, but if you don’t ignite a fire to begin with or put a small one out quickly, you may be able to prevent the whole forest from burning down (e.g., your life, your family, and your finances).
  8. Trauma can affect families for generations to come. When dealing with divorce, prevention of trauma to your children may help your future grandchildren and their children to avoid the consequences of that trauma as well.
  9. Be proactive BEFORE you find yourself stuck in the muck. Have those difficult conversations before you marry or remarry. Share your credit reports and scores; decide who will be responsible for handling the bills and investments; consider if you both have the same goals for careers, children and more?  Discuss whatever other matters matter to you.
  10. Planning is a gift to yourself and to those you love. Put as much time and energy into planning your married life (investments, college, estate, final wishes, fun!) as you do (did) your wedding!
  11. Love yourself first.  If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect someone else to?

Wishing you a future filled with all that your heart desires.

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