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The Psychotherapist’s Guide To Healing & Transformation After Divorce

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It’s intimidating to spill our guts to a stranger, even when that person is a highly trained and licensed professional. Many of us feel that making an appointment with a psychotherapist means that there is “something wrong” with us. Rachel Sussman allays any fears you might have about seeking counseling. Rachel is a licensed psychotherapist located in New York City, but she helps individuals and couples all over North America with (more...)

The Painful Truths About Child Custody Battles You Need To Know

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The ugliness and hurtful allegations that seem common to celebrity divorces, are also mainstays of many custody fights. There are painful truths about custody battles you need to know.
They’re always ugly, always expensive and once started, there’s rarely any backtracking. Once the accusations have been made, there’s no taking them back. They can’t be erased.
The impact these battles have can spread far and wide. The children at the (more...)

What Happens To Your Child If The Unthinkable Happens To You?

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We all want to be there for our children but what happens to your child if the unthinkable happens? What if you’re travelling overseas and there’s an event, that means you’re stuck there and can’t  get home? What if you have a medical emergency that leaves you hospitalized, in intensive care, unable to communicate? What if you’re in a car accident and you’re killed?
Without an (more...)

Negotiating Child Support

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As in all aspects of divorce, negotiating a settlement for child support is far preferable to having one imposed by the court. The unique aspects and desires of your family can be taken into account during negotiations. In court, long-lasting decisions are made quickly by someone who knows very little about your family. Issues such as college, medical expenses, and the way in which the child support will vary as your lives change can be carefully thought through and (more...)

Smart Divorce: Table of Contents

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Welcome. IIIQuestions to Ask Your Lawyer VWhat are your practice areas and credentials? VAre you trained in alternative forms of dispute resolution? VCan you tell me, in advance, how much this divorce is going to cost and will you guarantee that price? VHow many cases do you handle at one time? VICan I Count On You? VIIOur Promises to You VIIPromise One: We treat you like a person not a case number. VIIPromise Two: (more...)

Achieving Your Best Outcome

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Now that you have worked through the issues of property, alimony, custody, and child support, the last step you need to take to finish this process is to actually finalize your divorce. Ironically, the absolute divorce is generally the easiest and simplest element of a divorce—it is, basically, the official and public statement that the two of you no longer wish to be married. From a legal perspective, it is important that you take this final step; (more...)

Collaborative Divorce

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The next stop along the Spectrum of Control, if kitchen-table negotiations clearly aren’t going to work, is collaborative divorce.
Collaborative Divorce – A No-Court, Solutions-Based Approach
How can you divide twelve oranges in half and still give both parties twelve oranges? Depending on the part of the orange each wants (the zest or the meat), the division can be fast, simple, and mutually gratifying—as long as both parties understand what is valuable to the other. (more...)


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In our experience, most clients, even those who initially come into our office determined to wreak havoc in the ex’s life, ultimately settle down and come to recognize that settling the case is far preferable to a living through a trial. But some clients have to take a long, hard look at themselves and their situation before they reach that acceptance of this change in their lives. A certain amount of clarity and level-headedness will go a (more...)

Life after Divorce

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When the Fight Continues
For many of our clients, receipt of the divorce decree closes the door on an unpleasant chapter in their lives. But for many others, the disputes and disagreements continue for years to come. If there are children involved, particularly, you need to recognize that you will, of necessity, be involved in some sort of relationship with your ex for the foreseeable future. With that involvement can come the potential for prolonged conflict, or the potential (more...)

Taking a Credit Against Child Support

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Taking a Credit Against Child Support

Mr. and Mrs. Wojtala adopted two children in Hawaii. Hawaii offers a stipend to adopting parents to supplement their income, and that supplement followed the Wojtala family when they eventually made their way to Alabama. This case, Wojtala v Wojtala, Case No. 2150784 (Ala. Civ. App. June 23, 2017), deals with the treatment of that … Continue reading "Taking a Credit Against Child Support"