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The Psychotherapist’s Guide To Healing & Transformation After Divorce

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It’s intimidating to spill our guts to a stranger, even when that person is a highly trained and licensed professional. Many of us feel that making an appointment with a psychotherapist means that there is “something wrong” with us. Rachel Sussman allays any fears you might have about seeking counseling. Rachel is a licensed psychotherapist located in New York City, but she helps individuals and couples all over North America with (more...)

Smart Divorce: Table of Contents

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Welcome. IIIQuestions to Ask Your Lawyer VWhat are your practice areas and credentials? VAre you trained in alternative forms of dispute resolution? VCan you tell me, in advance, how much this divorce is going to cost and will you guarantee that price? VHow many cases do you handle at one time? VICan I Count On You? VIIOur Promises to You VIIPromise One: We treat you like a person not a case number. VIIPromise Two: (more...)

Life after Divorce

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When the Fight Continues
For many of our clients, receipt of the divorce decree closes the door on an unpleasant chapter in their lives. But for many others, the disputes and disagreements continue for years to come. If there are children involved, particularly, you need to recognize that you will, of necessity, be involved in some sort of relationship with your ex for the foreseeable future. With that involvement can come the potential for prolonged conflict, or the potential (more...)

How Long Should Single Mothers Wait Before They Start Dating Again?

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Getting back on track after a divorce is no easy task. After going through emotional upheavals, restoring back the spark which you once had during your marriage or before it can take time. One of the things that must have crossed your mind after a divorce is “should I date again?”. Well you should if you feel like it but like everything else there is a proper time. But it really depends upon you.
As a single (more...)

How To Choose A Divorce Recovery Program That Will Work For You

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How often have you read about or heard someone reflecting back on their divorce, how awful it was at the time, how it wasn’t their choice and yet, how they wouldn’t go back to that marriage again, how much they’ve learned since then and how much they themselves have changed?
Compare that to the person who talks bitterly about their ex, even years afterwards, the person who doesn’t have a new (more...)

New Simpler Divorce Law in PA Cuts Wait Period to One Year

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Divorce Process in PA Made Faster, Thanks to Act 102

If you have been considering a divorce in PA, you might be aware of the preconceived notion that the legal process will be dragged out and scary. With the help of Act 102, which was signed into law by Governor Wolf on December 3rd, 2016, the thought of seeking a divorce in the state of Pennsylvania might have become a lot more tolerable and a whole lot less intimidating for you.

Meet Madonna and Kate Beckinsale’s Much Younger New Man

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Madonna is a pro at the cougar thing, so she may have some pointers for actress Kate Beckinsale who is joining the cougar pack by dating a 22-year-old man.
Madonna actually traded up for a slightly older man than her previous conquest. The pop singer is reportedly dating model Kevin Sampaio, 31, who is slightly older than her previous boyfriend – Aboubakar Soumahoro, 26. Soumahoro had been living with the 58-year-old for the past year and (more...)

La La Anthony Is Dating Herself

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La La Anthony is not ready to throw in the towel on her marriage to Carmelo Anthony, but she is putting more effort into finding herself first.
The former MTV host and Power actress opened up to Wendy Williams about the status of her two month separation from her NBA player husband who allegedly cheated on her.  When the talk show host asked about whether she had plans to divorce, Mrs. Anthony was vague about whether there would (more...)

How To Help Your Children Adjust To Your Remarriage

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Blending a family is a huge, complex topic and this is only going to scratch the surface … if you are dating again, thinking about getting married again then you’re going to need to help your children adjust to your remarriage.
We know that second marriages are not easy. The U.S. Census Bureau in 2006 found that 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce. It seems that third marriages are even harder, ending in divorce (more...)

Usher Forgot He Was Married Over Memorial Day Weekend

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What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when you have smart phones.
Over the Memorial Day weekend, Usher played a show  at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel’s “Rehab” Beach Club. On stage with the R&B artist was a bikini-clad Alexis Skyy (Love & Hip Hop) shaking her thang all over the place including on Usher, and a fan caught the grinding on video.

#PressPlay: #AlexisSky and #(more...)