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Divorce – How to Avoid Destroying Your Kids!

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Divorce – How to Avoid Destroying Your Kids!

Resolutions, new beginnings, second chances, promises realized…. This is what many think of as the New Year begins.

Yet, January is also the beginning of “Divorce Season,” (which runs through, and peaks, in March) with the number of Google searches for “divorce” the highest in this first month of the year.  So, for some, the New Year will begin with divorce papers, emotional turmoil and unexpected change.

Whitney Houston sang: “I believe the children are our future.  Teach them well and let them lead the way….”  And, it’s true.  Children are the future of our community, our world and, perhaps most importantly, our family and the legacy it creates.

How appropriate then, that January is International Child-Centered Divorce Month.  How do we make sure the children are protected through what can be, and is most often, a very painful process?  Does it have to be traumatic for our little ones?  Are there options and resources for keeping our kids protected?Healthy children grow up to be healthy adults and learn to have healthy relationships.  We do so much to ensure our children get the best in life – whether it’s the best home, the best technology, the best schools…. Should we also not do everything we can to make sure they get the best chance at being the best parents of our future grandchildren?

Whether you are thinking about divorce, divorcing, or are already divorced, if you are parent, this might be the most important issue you’ll read this year.  And, if you are in the Atlanta area, the DivorceTown® Help and Hope Seminar/Child-Centered Divorce could be the most important event you attend!

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