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6 Simple Ways To Be A Better Parent After Divorce

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Ending your marriage means not only renegotiating your relationship with your spouse but also with your children. Reorganizing your family creates the opportunity for improving your relationship with your children. Sometimes it happens organically and sometimes it’s more of a conscious decision like following these 6 simple ways to be a better parent after divorce.
Sometimes, being a better parent is forced onto you like when you have parenting time and you’re the only (more...)

Forcing Testimony About Adultery in a Divorce Trial

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Forcing Testimony About Adultery in a Divorce Trial

Every divorce lawyer has a story about one (sometimes both?) spouses being forced to “take the 5th” in a divorce trial. They’re speaking of the standard technique of forcing the other spouse to claim his or her 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination rather than being forced to come clean with the court about an adulterous … Continue reading "Forcing Testimony About Adultery in a Divorce Trial"

Ask Cindy: Am I An Evil Person?

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How do I cope with knowing for sure that I a feel evil and made my once loving husband so unhappy that he had an affair with a friend of mine and left me? We divorced 3 years ago. I insisted on going to court because I was so angry and hurt. My lawyer got […]

Financial Tips for Divorced Women

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Are you a divorced woman and are a bit overwhelmed by the amount if bills appear to simply pile up? If that is so, you definitely need some kind of financial guidance. After your divorce, your standard of living changes. So, finding a proper financial assistance, paying bills and organizing are some of the prime tasks you need to embark upon.
Why divorced women need financial help
According to an estimate, about 40 percent of the divorced women have (more...)

Mediation For Younger Couples Compared To Gray Couples

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Divorce is a time of great hardship and both individuals have a hard time dealing with the reality. However, for some it is easier to accept the fact more than others. For young couples, who haven’t stayed married for a longer time, dealing with divorce is relatively easier than for gray couples. For gray couples, a divorce is more than just a physical separation from their partner. It is a new way of life and for some (more...)

Is Separation Good For Your Marriage?

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Are you and your spouse continuously at loggerheads with one another? If that is the case, you might have started wondering whether it will be good to separate from one another or not. However, the solution is not as simple as it first appears. It will depend on various factors in your married life and the present situation both of you is dealing with.
Is it the right time to separate from your spouse?
When both you and your (more...)

Having More Than 2 Legal Parents: How California is Different

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California is the only state which legally recognizes the right of a child to have more than two parents.
This holds a lot of implications.
Let us say A and B were in a happy marriage, and together, they had a daughter, whom they named C. But A and B began drifting apart and decide to call things off. Following their divorce, the court awards custody of C to A.
A decides to test the waters again, and marries (more...)

A Calm Mindset Is The Best Way To Get Divorced

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There are many emotions brought by a divorce. This is especially true when the couple has had a bad time in their marriage. It is normal to go through feelings such ad fear, fury, sadness, and anxiety. However, you need to remember that the degree of emotions will slowly subside with the passage of time. So, when you are undergoing a divorce process it is better to be calm. So do not get agitated as this would only spoil (more...)

How to Help Your Kid through Divorce

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As thousands of couples decide to end their marriages every year, their kids are also affected in the process. But their reactions will depend to a large extent on their personality, the circumstances under which the parents decided to separate and their age. Kids often get affected when their parent’s divorce. Often, the first reaction these children go through is that of sorry, anger, frustration, sadness, and shock. However, these children can deal these feelings in a (more...)

Tips On Co-Parenting After A Divorce

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It is not easy to be a co-parent, especially after you have split from your spouse and your relationship with your former partner is strained. You may have apprehensions about the parenting abilities of your ex-spouse, worried about your child support or stressed about some issues. You could also be tired of the ongoing conflict and feel that all that animosity between you and ex-partner will never disappear.
However, when you co-parent in an amicable manner with your former (more...)