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What Is An Exit Affair And How To Survive One

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Truth be told, extra-marital affairs are not unusual. Some studies report that 60 percent of married partners report having engaged in affairs. Some couples are able to recover and reconcile from infidelity and report a stronger relationship afterwards. But that’s not easy and more often, the affair will lead to the eventual end of the marriage.
In some cases, the person having the affair already sees the marriage as being over and the affair becomes the way (more...)

5 Post-Divorce Disputes You Could Resolve With Mediation

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Guest post by John Butler
The decree is final and the divorced couple breathes a sigh of relief. They believe the issues are settled, the divorce is official and they are ready to get on with their lives. Then months or even years later, they are often taken aback to discover that new issues arise; unexpected circumstances bring new potential for conflict. Couples who initially hired attorneys and went to court during their divorce dread the cost, time and (more...)

How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer

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Your marriage isn’t working out. You need a divorce lawyer. What you really want is the best family law attorney you can find.
Unfortunately, what you really want to do right now is close the blinds and pull the covers over your head for a while! You have your children and job to worry about. How can you even begin to think about finding a divorce attorney to help you through the process? The task seems (more...)

5 Dos and Don’ts of Shared Custody

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You may already know the basics of custody etiquette—not dropping your child off late and no bad-mouthing your ex in front of your child. While these are important, there are many other unspoken guidelines you should know about for a smooth and happy shared custody experience.
Whether you’re reaching an amicable agreement with your ex, or going to court with lawyers, here are five other dos and don’ts:

Come Together For a (more...)

Mother’s Day: Celebrity Moms-To-Be

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There’s something in the water in Hollywood with a ton of celebrities expecting little bundle of joys. Since Mother’s Day is coming up, we’re celebrating with a gallery of soon-to-be moms.

Tennis champ Serena Williams
Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z

Laura Prepon and Ben Foster
Ciara and Russell Wilson
George Clooney and Amal Clooney
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt
Tony and Candice Crawford Romo
Lauren Conrad
Asia Lee and Kel Mitchell
Hannah Simone
Christian Serratos


Tips To Deal With Worries During Your Divorce

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During a divorce process, there are many emotions that take place in the minds of the affected spouses. One of the major ones among them is worrying. Though worrying is not necessarily bad, how one deal with it can be a major concern? It can even become paralyzing, preventing people from getting the required work done. It can even go to the extent of draining one’s energies completely while the divorce proceeding is going on.
Here are (more...)

Can The Husband Sell The Marital House?

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The answer to whether a divorcing guy can sell his house or not is not quite an easy one. This is because the reply depends on factors like what decisions were made by the judge in a particular case and the conditions of a divorce agreement.
Divorce and marital home
At the time of divorce, the concerned couple has to take a call on the entire marital property and that includes the house the spouses shared.  Though it (more...)

How To Protect Yourself From Getting Hurt After Divorce

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Regardless of who decides to end the marriage, there are always upset feelings and most people want to know how to protect themselves from getting hurt after divorce.
The key to that is boundaries. Just like fences and locks we use to protect our property, we establish all sorts of boundaries with others to help protect us from harm. These boundaries however are not as simple or obvious as a gate or a padlock. They’re (more...)

Common Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation in California

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Divorce mediation is an attractive process for California couples that seek to resolve their disputes amicably without the need to have a public battle in court. However, there are still a lot of things that people do not know about divorce mediation and common misconceptions that exist about the topic.
Mediation is the best option
The whole point of an amicable settlement without the divorce going to court sounds attractive to most people, but divorce mediation is not always (more...)

Successful and Positive Co-Parenting After Divorce

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Guest post by Sylvia Smith
You and your ex may have divorced each other, but there is still something major that will connect you for the rest of your lives—your children. Whether you like it or not, you two are stuck in this co-parenting thing. It’s time to make the most of it!
While your marriage and divorce may not have ended well, it is possible for you both to come together in harmony for (more...)