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The Psychotherapist’s Guide To Healing & Transformation After Divorce

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It’s intimidating to spill our guts to a stranger, even when that person is a highly trained and licensed professional. Many of us feel that making an appointment with a psychotherapist means that there is “something wrong” with us. Rachel Sussman allays any fears you might have about seeking counseling. Rachel is a licensed psychotherapist located in New York City, but she helps individuals and couples all over North America with (more...)

Prenups and Intellectual Property

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Regular readers know I believe prenuptial agreements are overused. Too often they make the injustice of divorce worse by rewarding a breadwinner spouse (usually the husband) and leaving the stay-at-home-and-care-for-the-children spouse (usually the wife) poorer than she would have been under normal principles of family law. Unfortunately, it appears this trend will be made worse …

4 Flaws With The Child Support System

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By definition, child support is “an ongoing, periodic payment made by a parent for the financial benefit of a child following the end of a marriage or other relationship.”
In an ideal world, a child support order would ensure that the child receives adequate financial support from both parents to aid his or her upbringing.
Unfortunately, the modern child support system, which covers about a quarter of children in the United States, is critically flawed and in (more...)

Top 10 Trendiest Baby Names

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Celebrities aren’t the only ones calling their children the craziest of things.
Now even regular folk are trying to jump on the Apple, Saint and Blue Ivy name train.
The baby-name website Nameberry has released the list of the trendiest monikers so far this year and it’s safe to say the days of John, Jennifer and Matthew are long gone.
Check out who your kids will be having playdates (more...)

Judge Lynn: This Is What’s Ruining Marriages Today (VIDEO)

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Hollywood Today Live

Hollywood Today Live

Judge Lynn Toler dished out some of her honest and no holds barred advice during an appearance on Hollywood Today Live on Tuesday.

The television icon didn’t mince words and revealed to host Ross Mathews and guest host Heather McDonald the new trend that is leading to breakups in a majority of the cases she sees on Divorce Court.

Watch the video below and see if you LIKE what she had to say.

“Walk the Talk” with Professional Coach Deborah Mecklinger LL.B., M.S.W, A.T.C

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We all feel pain and loss when a marriage ends and we could all use some professional help to come out the other side. The CEO of a major corporation and her administrative assistant are on equal footing when it comes to the emotional fallout from a divorce. It’s how you handle that challenge that makes the difference. We all feel pain and loss when a marriage ends and we could all use some professional help (more...)

Creating a Community of Positive Action: Interview with Divorce Saloon Founder Marion T. D. Lewis

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In 2006, Marion T.D. Lewis Esq. LL.M created an online space that has become a hub of learning and community building. The tagline for Divorce Saloon is The World’s First Divorce Newspaper. In 2006, Marion T.D. Lewis Esq. LL.M created an online space that has become a hub of learning and community building. The tagline for Divorce Saloon is The World’s First Divorce Newspaper. 
The (more...)

‘Equal Rights for Men’ Lawyers Seek Rights for Dads

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Health›Parents News Now[embed:render:node:47525:left:width_360]A growing number of family lawyers are focusing exclusively on men's issues--specifically fathering issues that come up during custody battles following divorces.  USA Today has more on the trend: Law firms that champion men's rights — and particularly those of fathers — are a growing breed across the U.S., marketing themselves to men who are increasingly empowered in their role as dads. More state legislatures (more...)

Filing For Divorce Without a Lawyer

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Many people go to family court without a lawyer.
A person who moves through his or her court case without an attorney is called a pro se filer. He or she is a self-represented litigant (SRL)
The number of self-represented litigants (“SRLs”) is often the highest in family cases—divorce or separation and custody issues – where the parties can negotiate the terms and conditions of the breakup without acrimony.
Pro se divorce filing works best (more...)

Does Having Multiple Sex Partners Before Marriage Lead to Divorce?

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As premarital sex has become more accepted among men and women in North America, the likelihood of a man or woman having multiple partners before settling down has increased. While the rate of divorce has increased at the same time, it is unlikely the effect of the growing trend, according to new research from the University of Utah.
By exploring and comparing five-year divorce rates and the number of sexual partners women had before marriage, Nicholas H. Wolfinger &(more...)