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Divorces Have Options and So Do You

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Three important things to remember about your divorce options: 

          1.  You Have Options
          2.  You Need to Understand What Your Personal Options Are
          3.  You Have to Choose the Right Path For You and Your Family

“I want a divorce” could be the four most devastating and confusing words a person ever hears.  Often, just the contemplation of divorce can cause a person to make emotional decisions over practical ones.

When our first instinct is to react, that is quite often the last thing we should do.  When revenge is our motive, we often fight for the wrong things.  When we let our friends be our divorce experts, that is more often than not a disaster waiting to happen.

Look into the future and see choice.  Avoid living to an unwritten ending.
~ Dr. Zoe Douglas-Judson

Every family is different and so every divorce is different.  Just because your friend spent a fortune, doesn’t mean you have to.  Just because your brother had to pay alimony, doesn’t mean you will.  Just because your coworker kept the house, doesn’t mean you should.  Just because you may have witnessed some ugly, contentious, legal battles, doesn’t mean that’s your fate too.

You have many options in life.  Never make giving up one of them  ~ Austin Carlile

Choosing the right divorce team is crucial to the process.  Do you need an attorney, a counselor, a parenting expert, a coach, a financial advisor, or maybe all of the above?  Should you have a collaborative, mediated or litigated divorce?  What do these things even mean?  Do you really have that much control over the process?

Our DivorceTown® USA expert articles this month will help you identify some of the options that may be available to you whether you are facing divorce willingly or not.  Wherever the process takes you, we hope you explore all your options and we wish you the very best!

A Better Way to Divorce, By:  Andrew & Tracy McConaghie, LCSWs

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