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For Boris Johnson’s wife, it’s one affair too many. But his party doesn’t care | Suzanne Moore

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The Tories have long known he is a cheat and liar whose only loyalty is to himself. What will it take for them to ditch him?

Oh frabjous day, if reports are to be believed, the wife of Boris Johnson finally kicks him out for good. A statement announces their divorce. Marina Wheeler is only ever described as “long-suffering” or as a “high-flying lawyer”. She may well be these things and a lot more besides. She is certainly a very clever woman who is said to advise her husband politically. Together they have four children. The marital arrangements of our elected representatives are their own business. Up to a point.

The reaction to the news of this divorce indicates something beyond the state of their marriage. According to reports, he has cheated again and it’s the final straw. I am unclear as to when he has ever stopped cheating. Or lying about cheating. He has fathered what is euphemistically called a “love child” though he denied the child was his for a while. He has had affairs that every one knows about including a four-year one with Petronella Wyatt that resulted in two pregnancies. One led to an abortion, one to a miscarriage.

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