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How much could Tini Owens spend before her husband begged her for a divorce, asks Henrietta Cubitt. And Rosanna Achilleos-Sarll sympathises with Hugh Owens

I have a suggestion for Tini Owens. You report (26 July) that her husband will not allow her a divorce, and this has been upheld by judges. As a married couple, all their property belongs to them both, jointly. Tini could start spending it – seriously spending. Buy herself a house, if she hasn’t already; give thousands to charities (Women’s Aid springs to mind); Tini could buy clothes and give lots away to homeless people, also to her own friends and family; the same with jewellery; regular donations to her local food bank, and what about the WI? Once she gets on a roll she would have a whale of a time.

It would be prudent to get £200 a day from an ATM, and put it under the mattress for when the rest has all gone. Does she want a Lamborghini? Or an account with a local chauffeur company? I’m sure her friends and family could come up with some ideas. It would be such fun! How much could she spend before her husband begged her for a divorce? How delicious it would be if she refused him one.
Henrietta Cubitt

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