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How To Meet Your Next Romantic Partner When Dating After Divorce

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Perfect romantic partner after divorce | divorce coachingAre you new to dating after divorce? If you were asked how you met your previous romantic partners, you might say that friends introduced you or you were set up on a blind date. Recent data has revealed that online dating is now the most common way to meet new partners.

In a survey of over 3,500 heterosexual couples, the data revealed:

  • 2% of couples met online in 1995.
  • 5% met online in 2000.
  • 20% met online by 2010.
  • By 2017, that number reached 39% and is still climbing.
  • For same-sex couples, that number has reached 60%.

Because of the larger set of choices, meeting someone through an online network has eclipsed meeting through friends. Many of those looking to date are less apt to share what they want in a partner with family and friends. Most of us communicate online more rather than in person. And quite simply, if a date goes wrong with the friend of a friend, it’s more uncomfortable than dating a complete stranger that you met online. With online dating, you can also block someone!

Considering dating apps or online dating? Let’s review. 

Meeting Online For Free

If you’re already on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you may already be receiving dating requests. Some of those are most definitely unrequited [block!] but there may be others that have piqued your interest. High school sweethearts have been known to reconnect on Facebook and then find they want to rekindle their romance.

There are also free dating apps such as OKCupid, Plenty of Fish, Bumble and others. Many of these allow you to set up very brief profiles and also encourages you to meet in person. Most dating experts agree that an in-person meeting is better to determine if the person you’re seeing is the same person who’s winking at you online. Most dating apps, such as Tinder, also start with a free trial to get you interested in paying the full price. Have you set up the perfect online dating profile?

Meeting Through Algorithms

Dating apps such as Tinder, eHarmony or Match also select potential partners based on algorithms in your profiles. These algorithms have also shown that people are more particular and even more ambitious than they would be in person. A 2018 study revealed that dating app users pursue others who are “25% more desirable” than they are. Dating app users can also become trapped by what’s in their profiles when, in real life, humans are much more complex than that. Not enough input means not enough diversity of outcomes. You definitely want more choices when you’re dating after divorce!

Dating apps may start with free trials but offer monthly or three or six-month plans for paid members. These prices range from $12/month/six-month plan to $30 – $50/month. While using science and algorithms can be useful to see what’s out there, it’s also helpful to keep an open mind to the limitations of a 2D view of another person.

Matchmaking Services

Dating and matchmaking services function a little more like family and friends, except with a much higher cost. From It’s Just Lunch to speed dating services to professional matchmakers, those using this service will meet with coaches and potential partners in person with guidance and feedback along the way. Matchmakers offer services ranging from writing a dating profile to managing your entire love life so the prices can range from $50 – $5000+.

The benefits are many for those who’ve exhausted online dating and are ready to make a solid investment in their quest for the perfect partner. Matchmakers and dating coaches are there to get to know you better – all facets of you – and guide you along the way.

Paying For Dating Services After Divorce

If you’re considering paying for a dating app or matchmaking services when dating after divorce, you may wonder where you’d find the finances. Consider this for irony…

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