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How to Win Your Child Custody Case in Oklahoma

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Battling for child custody is one of the hardest situations you and your children will have to go through in your lives. However, there are options that allow the process to be easier and more successful. win child custody

Hire Qualified Child Custody Attorney

The first, and most important step you must take is to hire a child custody attorney. What takes place in a courtroom and superior knowledge is not common to those not in the field of family law. You should not expect yourself to know how to litigate your child custody case on your own.

Hiring the right child custody attorney is important, especially since custody can be a highly emotional and difficult subject. Being able to effectively communicate, work together, and trust your child custody attorney is essential in presenting a successful case.

Emphasize Best Interest Standard

Assist your child custody attorney the best you can by providing direct evidence or facts that shows the best interest of your child is accomplished by awarding you custody.

The best interest standard is what a judge will use when determining how child custody is divided. Being prepared with evidence to give to your attorney that speaks directly to your child’s best interest helps to present a winning case for child custody.

Biased and Unbiased Opinions

When considering the best interest standard, your child custody attorney will also emphasize that your point of view may not be the judge’s point of view. In fact, a judge may believe the custody request is unreasonable or vindictive.

If the judge makes this conclusion, chances are they do not think your case is in your child’s best interest. You need to ask yourself if it is possible if joint custody is actually in the best interest of your child.

Once you consider your point of view, your child custody attorney will help you present your case from an unbiased and neutral point of view. This approach reassures your family court judge that you can consider positions outside of your own and can be reflective and reasonable.

Support Your Assertions

Saying your ex-spouse is a bad person is one thing, but being able to provide evidence to that effect is different. Make sure that you not only have evidence of your ex-spouses misdeeds, but also evidence showing your compliance with the child custody process.

For example, make all custody exchanges and visitation times, create and follow the parenting plan even if the other parent is not, and continue to stay as involved in your child’s life as possible.

Evidence showing your strong bond and positive relationship is as important as evidence that shows the other parent being absent, negatively effecting your child’s emotional development, or not supporting communication with the other parent during their custody time.

Free Consultation with a Tulsa Child Custody Attorney

Going through a child custody battle can be very stressful, hiring an experienced child custody attorney will ensure the process is expertly conducted and your interests are well represented.

Keeping the above tips in mind will help you not only add to the success of your case, but also help you be a helpful client to your child custody attorney.

Contact an experienced Tulsa family law attorney when you need to go through the Oklahoma relocation process.

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