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In it for the long haul: why divorce rates are falling fast

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Divorce is at its lowest in 45 years. Tanya Gold talks to lawyers, therapists, friends and couples to find out why more people are choosing to stick together

I am a child of unhappily divorced people. Apparently, there are happily divorced people, but I have always thought they were a myth; an invention of advertisers, who need people to always be happy, even in extremis. Your heart can be in pieces, but how well you wear a cashmere shrug and gambol with a puppy!

For me, it was like growing up filled with emotional shrapnel. I didn’t think I would get married, although I always wanted to. I felt incapable of trust. I was love-shy. I am married now, although I do not know if I will stay married. Does anyone really know if they will survive? The fractures between us are large and growing. Sometimes we fill them in, and sometimes not. Perhaps one day we will no longer want to.

He was the last branch I clung to as I fell out of the tree

Romantic relationships become handy as the stage for the healing drama

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