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Is There a “Healthy” Way to Divorce?

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Collaborative, Amicable, Mediated Divorce. 
Conscious Uncoupling.  What do all
of these things mean?  What is the best
choice for me?  These are evolving
expressions that help define an evolving divorce process. 

“Divorce is like construction…It always takes longer and costs more
than you think!.” ~ Karen Covy

Today’s society finds more and more couples deciding together that separation divorce is the best option for their family.  Even in cases where only one spouse really wants the divorce, many couples can see the benefits of working cooperatively to save time, energy and especially money. 

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict
by peaceful means.” ~ Ronald Reagan

How people arrive at the decision to cooperatively divorce may take many forms.  Perhaps they’ve tried counseling, and this is where they ended up.  Maybe they’re already separated or living separately in the same house.  It’s possible they are working with spiritual advisors or life coaches that are guiding them down this path. 

Whatever the case may be, even collaborative divorces rarely mean both sides walk away with everything they ever wanted.  More often than not, it involves two people who see the value in reasonable compromise and swift, healthy resolution, so they can each more forward.

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise that
moves us along.” ~ Author Unknown

In the end, divorce is still and will likely always be a process.  Even when it is mutual, it is accompanied by a sense of loss, emotional pain and possibly even regret. 

If both parties can see the value of consciously and
amicably navigating the divorce process, it can be possible to get through it without
litigated conflict and/or permanent emotional scarring.

This month’s expert articles* will focus on some of the
options for and benefits of avoiding litigation when possible.  Please note that family law statutes can vary
from state to state and we strongly encourage you to find out what requirements
your state might have for collaborative divorce and legal marital settlement

We are confident this month’s issue will help you as you research your personal divorce options.  We want you to find help, hope and recovery through the process of divorce, and that it will be as amicable as may be possible, whether it was your choice or not. 

This month’s expert articles are both provided by divorce professionals
in Arizona, USA.  We recommend that you
research local divorce statutes for the State in which you live.

How a Litigated Divorce Ruins People
By: Nancy Hetrick, CDFA®

Collaborative Practices for the Best Divorce Outcomes
By: Cristi McMurdie, Attorney at Law

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