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Just when I thought I knew what a tweet was… | Brief letters

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Having only recently learned that a tweet is a social media message, I read that “White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, announced that Trump would be travelling to the southern border in a tweet” (Report, 8 January), which leaves me wondering if this useful neologism has also come to mean (a) a jiffy (b) a bullet-proof limo or (c) a fit of narcissistic presidential pique. Please help.
Alan Knight
St Antony’s College, Oxford

• Free TV licences for the over-75s are not forced on us (Letters, 5 January). The licensing office does not hold a licence-holder’s date of birth. If you want to keep paying, just don’t let them know you are approaching your 75th birthday. My husband (nearly 78) and I (76) still pay and are happy to continue doing so.
Morag Stark
Portstewart, County Londonderry

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