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Love at first sight, 12 years later

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WiFi BrideNo one could have been more surprised than me when I met the person I had been searching for forever through Match.        I mean, these things don’t really happen, do they? Certainly not to a disgruntled 49-year-old woman like myself, one who had recently lost her marriage, her job and hit midlife rock bottom.

Strange as it may seem, spending four years alone after a disappointing divorce did help. I spent that time contemplating all the things I could no longer tolerate in my life.  Rock bottom has a special way of getting your attention, and spending so much time considering it all was somehow instrumental in helping me recognize near perfection when it knocked on my door.

Yes, I did check him out very carefully, especially in the ten hours we spent together on our first date. I had learned in those years after my divorce that I was not a trusting soul and why. But I had also much time to teach myself how to believe in love again, so when it finally came my way, I recognized it immediately for what it was.

Mike and I after weddingSo today Mike and I will raise a glass to these past twelve years of amazing luck; how we found love and recognized it quickly as some of the best luck we would ever experience in our two lifetimes!

“Love is plunging into darkness toward a place that may exist.”                                                                                        –Marge Piercy


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