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Tips for Mothers Going Through Legal Separation or Divorce

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By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.
Once the initial shock settles down and the divorce becomes a reality, you start realizing that your life will change in many ways when you become a single woman once again. A realization like this can be actually scary for many. However, like many others, you will also get used to these new changes gradually. So do not lose your cool and be patient.
It is indeed a gutsy role to be a single (more...)

Pros and Cons of Cohabitation Vs. Marriage in California

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By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.
The subject of whether marriage better or cohabitation warrants a lot of debate based on people’s personal experiences and beliefs. There are some who believe nothing can replace a marriage in a loving relationship, while others beg to differ and believe that cohabitation is equally amazing without the legality of marriage. We discuss some of the benefits and disadvantages of cohabitation over marriage.
Pros of cohabitation over marriage 
One of the (more...)

Struggling With Divorce Anger? Here’s What To Do

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When you are navigating or recovering from divorce, there is one all-too-common emotion that causes us way more headaches than you need: Anger.
Being ticked off.  The persistent rage that will not leave you but could jeopardize your future relationships.
To start off with, there is something that you must remember.
Anger is a thief. Don’t let it rob you of your chance to move on.
You work hard to maintain the things you love.  (more...)

Beating The Winter Blues While Going Through A Divorce

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Contribution from freelance writer Jackie Edwards
Winter is here, and while most people are trying to stay warm at this time, some individuals who are dealing with a divorce may find that the gloomy weather can have an impact on their mood and well-being. Going through a divorce is tough enough as it can affect your finances, your children, and other relationships. But perhaps the hardest thing about splitting up is coping with the loneliness and (more...)

#RelationshipGoals: Husband Thanks Rihanna’s Fenty Makeup For Boosting’s Wife Confidence

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A husband wrote the sweetest review for Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line, praising a product for helping his wife gain confidence in herself.
A man named Daryl posted a review on the Fenty website praising the makeup brand for helping his wife’s pigmentation with one of their foundations. His wife, Jeanelle, suffers from cutaneous lupus erythematosus, an autoimmune disease that causes skin lesions and discolorations among other symptoms.
In the review, the woman’s (more...)

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Cozy Up At Pre-Grammy’s Gala

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes made a rare appearance together this weekend, but they still masqueraded as friends.
The celebrity pair have been rumored to be dating for years, but the two have kept it on the down low. They were first spotted together late last year holding hands as they strolled on the beach.
On Saturday, the actors sat next to each other looking cozy at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Awards Gala, but the two arrived separately with (more...)

Ciara Is Dragged Online For Sharing Pastor’s Dating Advice

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Ciara isn’t feeling the love from the ladies when she shared a video suggesting women act like a wife and not a girlfriend. She has since responded with her own take.
On Sunday, the singer took to Twitter and shared Pastor John Gray’s sermon advocating women stop acting like girlfriends.
“You are not a wife when I marry you, you are a wife when I find you,” he says. “A wife isn&(more...)

Peter Gunz Shows Receipts Of Divorce From Amina Buddafly

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The turbulent relationship and marriage between Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly has come to an end and both parties have receipts.

The end..
A post shared by Peter Gunz (@petergunz174) on Jan 20, 2018 at 12:58am PST

The Love & Hip Hop couple celebrated their divorce by posting a copy of the “uncontested divorce” papers on Instagram Sunday with the caption, “The end…” People who follow him trolled him by siding with his (more...)

Common Co-Parenting Issues after Divorce

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By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.
If parents are able to co-parent in a civil manner, children can be relaxed and normal even after their parent’s divorce. Though you may love your kids the most, there could be certain scenarios where it is tough to give a preference to their best interests over the fury and disillusionment you feel towards your former spouse or over the divorce. Your children will be able to cope up well with your (more...)

Feeling Terrible? Here’s How To Get Your Self-Esteem Back!

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One of the many things we struggle with as we recover from divorce is learning how to get your self-esteem back.
It’s easy to understand why this is such an issue. When your relationship ends, you may feel rejected. You may feel unworthy. You sit crying on your couch, a pint of Ben & Jerry’s at hand, wondering why your partner does not love you anymore. You may think, as you’re stumbling (more...)