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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Invite Over 2,000 Members Of The Public To Their Wedding

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The royal wedding of Prince Harry to Suits star, Meghan Markle has been dominating headlines over the past few months.  Throughout those past few months, there has been plenty of chatter regarding who will, and will not be invited to the wedding.

With a guest list to the celebration reaching over 3,000 individuals (only 600 invited to the actual ceremony), it is certainly bound to be an affair for the ages.  Although, it does leave the common person to wonder, who manages to get an invite to such a monumental event?  Former U.S. President and First Lady Barrack and Michelle Obama?  Perhaps the current British Prime Minister, Theresa May?  Think again, of those three, none were invited to the May wedding.

What sets this royal wedding apart from all others is that the bride and groom have elected to invite 2,640 members of the public to join them on their special day, according to USA Today.  Those select individuals are invited to Windsor Castle to watch the arrival and departure of the bride and groom.  Of those 2,640, 200 will be individuals that work for charities dear to the couple.  Another 1,200 of those invitees will be selected by Lord Lieutenants for demonstrating exceptional work and leadership throughout their communities in the UK.

The Bride and Groom are setting the standard for royal weddings to come by inviting these great people.  Despite some great people getting snubbed from the invite list, it certainly was for a good cause.




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