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Melissa Forman Gives Tips For Blended Families

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Melissa Forman is a well-loved local radio and TV personality in Chicago. I’ve listened to her for decades, and I was even a guest on her TV show a few years ago, but I never knew much about her family until I ran into her at a high school tennis tournament where both of our daughters were playing. We started talking, and the conversation led to me writing my Love Essentially column about Melissa’s love story, her four kids, and her tips for other blended families.

Melissa Forman talks love, family, her new job and baking it forward

by Jackie Pilossoph for Chicago Tribune Media Group

Isn’t that Melissa Forman?” someone asked me last week at my daughter’s high school tennis tournament. I looked, and sure enough, there stood the radio and TV personality Chicago’s been watching and listening to for decades.




I actually met Melissa a few years ago as a guest on WCIU’s “You & Me,” where she and Jeanne Sparrow interviewed me about my dislike for Valentine’s Day. By the way, I have since changed my position — I am now a big fan of Valentine’s Day — but that’s another story.

I caught up with Melissa for her story, and we talked about love, family, her new job back at Lite FM, and the amazing cakes she creates with her kids.

Melissa and her husband Scott Levin’s love story began in 2002. The two were set up on a blind date by one of her brother’s friend’s wives. Melissa said although she thought Scott was “adorable,” she initially felt like they would end up just being good friends.




“He was a single dad in the suburbs, and I was a single girl in the city,” she said.

But one day…(Click here to read the rest of the article, which includes Melissa’s tips on blending families, published in the Chicago Trib, LA Times, and several other publications across the country)

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