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Self Care Strategies For Coping With Divorce

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I was recently invited to collaborate on an expert panel and share some insights on how cope with divorce. Here are my best tips:
My first tip is not to rush into the legal process, unless you have to.
Your spouse is already well into the grieving process and has probably been preparing for the legal process for some time.
They’re emotionally ready for this. You’re not and this puts you at a disadvantage. You (more...)

What can I do if my ex wants to move with my kids?

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In this video, divorce attorney Lisa Angel talks about what to do if your ex-spouse wants to move out of state – and take your children with them.

Hi. I’m Lisa Angel. In this video we will talk about the laws regarding your rights to child custody in North Carolina.
When going through a divorce, it’s hard enough having to adjust to life without your ex. On top of that, many parents also (more...)

Financial Tips for Divorced Women

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Are you a divorced woman and are a bit overwhelmed by the amount if bills appear to simply pile up? If that is so, you definitely need some kind of financial guidance. After your divorce, your standard of living changes. So, finding a proper financial assistance, paying bills and organizing are some of the prime tasks you need to embark upon.
Why divorced women need financial help
According to an estimate, about 40 percent of the divorced women have (more...)

Dumped Prom Date Gets Her Revenge

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Revenge is sweet especially when it’s served up online for everyone to see.
A young woman on Twitter posted a tweet explaining her boyfriend dumped her a week before prom, and to pour salt in the wound, he asked for his $95 back so he can go to another prom.  Literally the payback was literal. She returned his money in the form of $95 dollars worth of pennies.
The tweet went viral with words of encouragement, (more...)

T.I. Harris and Tiny’s Divorce: $50 Million Up For Grabs

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T.I. Harris’ wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris has filed for divorce again, dashing hopes of a reconciliation. So how much is up for grabs?
Tiny first filed for divorce from the rapper a day after Christmas on December 26 after six years of marriage. The divorce seemed to be on hold with talks of a possible reconciliation. However, Thursday Tiny filed again, and T.I. filed his response which means it’s actually happening.

Mel B Takes Restraining Order Out On Stephen Belafonte

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Mel B’s divorce drama just took a sordid turn.
On Monday, former Spice Girl Melanie “Mel B” Brown filed a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, 41, after claiming domestic abuse during their 10-year marriage. TMZ broke the news of the restraining order.
After filing the court order, authorities told Belafonte to leave the family home in Los Angeles and to keep his distance from their 5-year-old daughter and her (more...)

Splitsville: Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers End Their Relationship

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Another beautiful couple has bitten the dust. Who quit who?
Actress Olivia Munn and Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers dated three years and there were rumors the two were engaged. However, the two have split up, and E! News is reporting Munn is the one who ended it although it’s amicable between the two.
The breakup has been coming for some time as the two were spending less time together because of their busy schedule, according (more...)

How Much Of A Role Do Finances Play In Divorce?

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According to a national survey by Experian, many divorcees regret not being more involved in household finances during their marriage and say it played a role in the split. I’m not surprised by this and I see it often in both mediation and coaching clients.
I’ve worked with clients who
knew nothing about the marital finances and who have had to work hard to get up to speed while bumping up against court deadlines.
shared (more...)

How To Make Sense Of Financial Planning After Divorce

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The reality of every divorce is that there is always less money after divorce and ending a marriage means facing that reality.
For some people it means having to manage the household finances for the first time either in a long time or sometimes, for the first time ever. It means there is no more shopping and buying things with an open credit card, with no spending limits and having a spouse who takes care of the bills.
For (more...)

Scarlett Johansson’s Husband Blindsided by Divorce Filing

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Scarlett Johansson’s divorce is about to get messy.
News outlets reported Scarlett Johansson’s marriage was over last month, and now we have confirmation. The actress filed for divorce from her husband Romain Dauriac this week, and apparently he was not aware she was going through with it.
At the time of the filing, Johansson released a statement to ET about her privacy after making her divorce public.
“As a devoted mother and private person (more...)