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If I need to relocate, what can I do to change the custody arrangement for a court order?

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You will need to have your court order modified.  In order to do so, you would need to file a motion to modify the custody order.  You and the other parent may be able to return to custody mediation.  Otherwise, there will be a court date in which both you and the other parent will testify and present evidence about the relocation.  The judge will make a decision about whether or not to modify the (more...)

Do I have to get court approval before relocating?

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You don’t have to get court approval first, but if your relocation would cause you not to be able to follow your current custody order, then you should get court approval.  If approved, a new custody schedule will likely be ordered.
If you relocate first, you may open yourself up to the other parent filing a contempt motion against you.  And if you take the children with you as well, the other parent may file (more...)

What can I expect for a child custody schedule if I become a long-distance parent?

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For long-distance situations, one parent usually has primary custody and one parent usually has significant vacation and holiday time.  Each case is different, but the non-custodial parent can usually expect significant visitation time in the summer, during holidays, and some weekends depending on how far apart the two parents live.

If I need to relocate, what do I do to change the custody arrangement in a separation agreement?

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Refer to your separation agreement about amendments to the agreement.  Most separation agreements allow for the terms to be modified if in writing and both parties’ signatures are notarized.  This means both you and the other parent have to agree to the new terms.
Some separation agreements include special modification provisions in the child custody section.  Usually this includes a requirement that any changes to child custody must first be mediated.  If your separation (more...)

Can I move before modifying the child custody terms in my separation agreement?

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If you can relocate and still follow the child custody schedule as spelled out in your separation agreement, then you can go ahead and move.
If relocating will make the child custody schedule difficult or impossible to follow, then you should seek a change to the custody terms before you relocate.  Otherwise, if you were to relocate and then miss a scheduled drop-off with the other parent for example, you would be breaching the separation agreement.  Your (more...)

How the Mother-Son Relationship Contributes to Divorce

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In some families there is a very strong mother-son relationship. These extra-close mommy-sons can be spotted quite easily. While this may be an okay thing in most circumstances, once the son is married, this mother-son bond can often lead to major problems.   Most women who marry sons devoted to their mothers are unable to […]

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May 16, How to save your relationship now

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How to save a relationship by taking positive action immediately, even if your partner doesn't appear interested

Keep Kids Safe Online: 5 Tips for Parents

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As your children grow up, technology will become an increasing part of their world. While every parent hopes their child will never encounter inappropriate content, cyberbullying or online scams, these dangers are out there.
Luckily, there are certain steps you can take to promote online safety and help your children have a positive online experience. Here are five things you can do to keep kids safe online.
Online Safety Tip #1
Keep Electronics Out of the Bedroom

Does Your Family Deal with THIS?

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Did you know that according to Mental Health America, 1 out of every 5 people suffers from some sort of mental health condition?  That means that just about every family in America has at least one person struggling daily, perhaps just to survive.  Mental illness does not discriminate.  It affects children, adults, the elderly, single and married people, gay or straight.  Sometimes marriages end because one partner simply doesn’t have the patience, strength (more...)

5 Things Fathers Should Know About Custody

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5 Things Fathers Should Know About Custody

This article is provided by Lauren Bennett and the Law Firm of Stephen Vertucci. The dead-beat dad – we all know the stereotype – files for divorce, possibly because of infidelity on his part, then skips out on child support payments and weekly visitations with his children and eventually ceases any possible relationship with them. … Continue reading "5 Things Fathers Should Know About Custody"